Iowa U.S. Government (IowaCore) Practice

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Foundations of U.S. Government20%
Individuals and Groups in U.S. Politics20%
Institutions and Elections20%
Public Policy20%
State and Local Government20%
  • Questions: 671
  • Two-Part Items: 8
  • Vocabulary Terms: 267
  • Performance Tasks: 55
  • Instructional Videos: 60

Test Standards

Foundations of U.S. Government
1. (SS.912.PSCL.2)  Concepts Of Limited Government
2. (SS.912.PSCL.2)  Enlightenment Writers
3. (SS.912.PSCL.3)  The Preamble
4. (SS.912.PSCL.4)  Constitutional Principles
5. (SS.912.PSCL.1)  Checks And Balances & Separation Of Powers
6. (SS.912.PSCL.4)  Bill Of Rights/ First Amendment
Individuals and Groups in U.S. Politics
1. (SS.912.PSCL.5)  Political Parties
2. (SS.912.PSCL.5)  Lobbyists
3. (SS.912.PSCL.5)  Controlling Lobbyists
4. (SS.912.PSCL.5)  Special Interest Groups
5. (SS.912.PSCL.1)  Impact Of The Media
6. (SS.912.PSCL.1)  Non-governmental Agencies
Institutions and Elections
1. (SS.912.PSCL.1)  Electing Officials
2. (SS.912.PSCL.1)  Campaign Monies
3. (SS.912.PSCL.1)  Media And Campaigning
4. (SS.912.PSCL.4)  Voting Rights
5. (SS.912.PSCL.1)  The Electoral College
6. (SS.912.PSCL.3)  The Three Branches
7. (SS.912.PSCL.3)  House And Senate Differences
8. (SS.912.PSCL.3)  Roles Of The President
9. (SS.912.PSCL.3)  The Cabinet
10. (SS.912.PSCL.3)  Bureaucratic Powers
11. (SS.912.PSCL.3)  Judicial Philosophies
12. (SS.912.PSCL.3)  Judicial Review
Public Policy
1. (SS.912.PSCL.5)  Bills Become Laws
2. (SS.912.PSCL.2)  Foreign Policy Tools
3. (SS.912.PSCL.5)  Analyze Roles
4. (SS.912.PSCL.1)  Voluntarism
State and Local Government
1. (SS.912.PSCL.4)  The Supremacy Clause
2. (SS.912.PSCL.4)  State Vs. Federal Relationship
3. (SS.912.PSCL.4)  Sharing Governmental Power
4. (SS.912.PSCL.6)  Iowa's Legislative Branch
5. (SS.912.PSCL.6)  Iowa's Executive Branch
6. (SS.912.PSCL.6)  Iowa's Judicial Branch