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11th Grade Language/Writing (IowaCore) Practice

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  • Questions 2,466
  • Vocabulary Terms 230
  • Performance Tasks 192
  • Instructional Videos 98

Test Standards

  1. (W.11.1a) Claims
  2. (W.11.1b) Claim Evidence
  3. (W.11.1c) Link Text
  4. (W.11.1e) Concluding Statement
  5. (W.11.2a) Building on a Topic
  6. (W.11.2b) Topic Development
  7. (W.11.2c) Transitions and Syntax
  8. (W.11.2d) Topic Complexity
  9. (W.11.2e) Formal Style and Tone
  10. (W.11.2f) Concluding Statement
  11. (W.12.3a) Engage and orient
  12. (W.12.3b) Narrative techniques
  13. (W.11.3c) Sequence Events
  14. (W.11.3d) Precise Words
  15. (W.11.3e) Conclusions
  1. (W.11.4) Clarity and coherence
  2. (W.11.5) Plan, revise, etc.
  3. (W.11.6) Use technology
  1. (W.11.7) Research
  2. (W.11.8) Gather Information
  3. (W.11.9) Draw evidence
  1. (L.11.4a) Context Clues
  2. (L.11.4b) Word Changes
  3. (L.11.4c) Reference Materials
  4. (L.11.5a) Figures of Speech
  5. (L.11.5b) Nuances
  1. (L.11.1) Usage
  2. (L.11.2) Capitalization, punctuation, and spelling
  3. (L.11.2a) Hyphenation
  4. (L.11.2b) Spelling
  1. (L.11.3a) Vary Syntax

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