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Matrix Algebra (IowaCore) Practice

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  • Questions 1,644
  • Vocabulary Terms 111
  • Performance Tasks 80
  • Instructional Videos 74

Test Standards

  1. (N-VM-1) magnitude and direction
  2. (N-VM-2) components of vectors
  3. (N-VM-3) velocity and vectors
  4. (N-VM-4a) add vectors
  5. (N-VM-4b) magnitude and direction
  6. (N-VM-4c) vector subtraction
  7. (N-VM-5a) scalar multiplication
  8. (N-VM-5b) scalar multiples
  9. (N-VM-6) use matrices
  10. (N-VM-7) matrices and scalars
  11. (N-VM-8) matrix operations
  12. (N-VM-9) square matrices
  13. (N-VM-10) zero and identify matrices
  14. (N-VM-11) vector by matrix
  15. (N-VM-12) matrix transformations
  1. (A-REI-1) Explain steps in solving simple equation
  2. (A-REI-2) Rational & radical equations
  3. (A-REI-3) Linear equations & inequalities
  4. (A-REI-4a) completing the square method
  5. (A-REI-4b) Solve quadratic equations
  6. (A-REI-5) Same solutions
  7. (A-REI-6) Solve systems of linear equations
  8. (A-REI-7) Nonlinear systems
  9. (A-REI-8) Represent system of linear equations
  10. (A-REI-9) Inverse of a matrix
  11. (A-REI-10) Equation graph
  12. (A-REI-11) x-coordinates
  13. (A-REI-12) Graph solutions

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