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Probability and Statistics (IowaCore) Practice

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  • Questions 1,662
  • Vocabulary Terms 119
  • Performance Tasks 70
  • Instructional Videos 36

Test Standards

  1. (S-ID.1) Data Plots
  2. (S-ID.2) Data Distribution
  3. (S-ID.3) Interpret Differences
  4. (S-ID.4) Normal Distribution
  5. (S-ID.5) Categorical Data
  6. (S-ID.6) Scatter Plot
  7. (S-ID.6a) Fit Function
  8. (S-ID.6b) Assess Fit
  9. (S-ID.6c) Fit Linear Function
  10. (S-ID.7) Slope and Intercept
  11. (S-ID.8) Correlation Coefficient
  12. (S-ID.9) Correlation and Causation
  1. (S-IC.1) Understand Statistics
  2. (S-IC.2) Data-Generating Process
  3. (S-IC.3) Purposes and Differences
  4. (S-IC.4) Estimate Mean
  5. (S-IC.5) Randomized Experiment
  6. (S-IC.6) Evaluate Reports
  1. (S-CP.1) Set of Outcomes
  2. (S-CP.2) Independent Events
  3. (S-CP.3) Conditional Probability
  4. (S-CP.4) Frequency Tables
  5. (S-CP.5) Probability and Independence
  6. (S-CP.6) Find Probability
  7. (S-CP.7) Addition Rule
  8. (S-CP.8) Multiplication Rule
  9. (S-CP.9) Permutations

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