Economics and Financial Literacy (ILS) Practice

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Economic Decision Making 12%
Exchange and Markets 19%
The National and Global Economy 31%
Financial Literacy 38%
  • Questions 1,037
  • Vocabulary Terms 295
  • Performance Tasks 80
  • Instructional Videos 79

Test Standards

Economic Decision Making
1. (SS.EC.1.9-12)  Scarcity
2. (SS.EC.2.9-12)  Marginal Benefits, Marginal Costs
Exchange and Markets
1. (SS.EC.3.9-12)  Competition
2. (SS.EC.4.9-12)  Government & the Economy
3. (SS.EC.5.9-12)  Government Regulation
The National and Global Economy
1. (SS.EC.6.9-12)  Economic Indicators
2. (SS.EC.7.9-12)  Government Policies
3. (SS.EC.8.9-12)  Investment in Technology
4. (SS.EC.9.9-12)  Comparative Advantage
5. (SS.EC.10.9-12)  Globalization
Financial Literacy
1. (SS.EC.FL.1.9-12)  Income
2. (SS.EC.FL.2.9-12)  Budgeting
3. (SS.EC.FL.3.9-12)  Saving Patterns
4. (SS.EC.FL.4.9-12)  Credit
5. (SS.EC.FL.5.9-12)  Risk vs. Return
6. (SS.EC.FL.6.9-12)  Insurance