Indiana Earth and Space Science Practice

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The Universe15%
The Solar System15%
The Earth10%
The Atmosphere and Hydrosphere20%
The Solid Earth20%
Earth Processes20%
  • Questions: 1,858
  • Technology Enhanced Items: 122
  • Instructional Videos: 55
  • Vocabulary Terms: 351

Test Standards

The Universe
1. (ES.1.1.)  Formation Of The Universe
2. (ES.1.2.)  Different Types Of Stars
3. (ES.1.3.)  Fusion: The Stars And Element Formation
4. (ES.1.4.)  The Hierarchy Of Planetary Systems And Galaxies
The Solar System
1. (ES.2.1.)  Nebular Theory And The Formation Of The Solar System
2. (ES.2.2.)  Objects Within The Solar System
3. (ES.2.3.)  The Sun As A Source Of Energy
4. (ES.2.4.)  The Motion Of Objects In The Solar System
The Earth
1. (E.3.1.)  Biogeochemical Cycles
2. (ES.3.2.)  Changes In Earth's Atmosphere
3. (ES.3.3.)  Renewable And Nonrenewable Resources: Geology
4. (ES.3.4.)  Interactions Between And Within Earth Systems
The Atmosphere and Hydrosphere
1. (ES.4.1.)  The Origins, Structure, Composition, And Function Of Earth’s Atmosphere
2. (ES.4.2.)  The Water Cycle: Natural And Human Interactions
3. (ES.4.3.)  Heat Transfer Between Spheres
4. (ES.4.4.)  Weather Systems
5. (ES.4.5.)  Rotation, Revolution, And Procession
6. (ES.4.6.)  The Tides
The Solid Earth
1. (ES.5.1.)  Layers Of The Earth
2. (ES.5.2.)  Earth's Magnetic Field
3. (ES.5.3.)  Rocks And Minerals
4. (ES.5.4.)  Processes Of The Rock Cycle
5. (ES.5.5.)  Relative And Absolute Geologic Time
6. (ES.5.6.)  Formation Of Sedimentary Rock In Indiana
7. (ES.5.7.)  Changing Sea Level And The Shape Of Earth
Earth Processes
1. (ES.6.1.)  Human Influence On Geologic Systems And Processes
2. (ES.6.2.)  Weathering, Erosion, Transportation Of Materials, Deposition And Soil Formation.
3. (ES.6.3.)  Geologic Features And Processes Of Plate Tectonics
4. (ES.6.4.)  Plate Tectonic Theory
5. (ES.6.5.)  The Sources Of Earth's Energy