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3rd Grade ELA ILEARN (IAS) Practice

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  • Questions 3,052
  • Vocabulary Terms 174
  • Performance Tasks 218
  • Instructional Videos 77

Test Standards

  1. (3.RL.2.1) Ask/answer questions
  2. (3.RL.2.2) Retell stories
  3. (3.RL.2.3) Describe characters
  4. (3.RN.2.1) Ask/answer questions
  5. (3.RN.2.2) Main idea and details
  6. (3.RN.2.3) Events, ideas, concepts
  7. (3.RV.2.1) Context clues
  8. (3.RV.2.2) Word relationships
  9. (3.RV.2.4) Affixes and roots
  10. (3.RV.2.5) Reference materials
  11. (3.RV.3.1) Literal and nonliteral
  12. (3.RV.3.2) Meanings
  13. (3.RV.3.3) Idioms
  1. (3.RN.3.2) Logical connections
  2. (3.RL.3.1) Use terms
  3. (3.RN.3.1) Features and tools
  4. (3.RL.3.2) Points of view
  5. (3.RN.3.3) Points of view
  6. (3.RL.4.1) Illustrations
  7. (3.RN.4.1) Fact and opinion
  8. (3.RL.4.2) Themes, settings, plots
  9. (3.RN.4.2) Compare and contrast
  1. (3.W.3.1 ) Persuasive
  2. (3.W.3.2:) Informative
  3. (3.W.3.3) Narrative
  4. (3.W.4) Writing process
  5. (3.W.5) Research
  6. (3.W.6.1a) Abstract nouns
  7. (3.W.6.1b) Verbs
  8. (3.W.6.1c) Adjective/Adverb forms
  9. (3.W.6.1e) Usage
  10. (3.W.6.2a) Capitalization
  11. (3.W.6.2b) Possessives
  12. (3.W.6.2c) Spelling patterns

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