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Grade 3 Mathematics ILEARN (IAS) Practice

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  • Questions 1,876
  • Vocabulary Terms 134
  • Performance Tasks 93
  • Instructional Videos 42

Test Standards

  1. (3.AT.1) Addition & subtraction problems
  2. (3.AT.2) Multiplication & division problems
  3. (3.AT.3) Two-step problems
  4. (3.AT.4) Interpret equations
  5. (3.AT.5) Determine unknown
  6. (3.AT.6) Number patterns
  7. (3.DA.1) Represent data sets
  8. (3.DA.2) Measure lengths
  1. (3.C.1) Add and subtract
  2. (3.C.2) Represent multiplication
  3. (3.C.3) Concept of division
  4. (3.C.4) Interpret quotients
  5. (3.C.5) Multiply and divide within 100
  6. (3.C.6) Multiplication and division facts
  1. (3.G.1) Identify, describe, classify
  2. (3.G.2) Categories
  3. (3.G.3) Describe two-dimensional shapes
  4. (3.G.4) Partition shapes
  1. (3.M.1) Mass, volume problems
  2. (3.M.2) Choose units
  3. (3.M.3) Time and elapsed time
  4. (3.M.4) Coin and dollar values
  5. (3.M.5) Areas
  6. (3.M.6) Multiply side lengths
  7. (3.M.7) Perimeter of a polygon
  1. (3.NS.1) Whole numbers and forms
  2. (3.NS.2) Compare
  3. (3.NS.3) Unit fractions
  4. (3.NS.4) Represent unit fractions
  5. (3.NS.5) Represent a/b
  6. (3.NS.6) Equivalent fractions
  7. (3.NS.7) Equivalent fractions
  8. (3.NS.8) Compare fractions
  9. (3.NS.9) Rounding