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4th Grade ELA ILEARN (IAS) Practice

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Test Standards

  1. (4.RL.2.1) Refer to details
  2. (4.RL.2.2) Determine theme
  3. (4.RL.2.3) Character, setting, event
  4. (4.RN.2.1) Refer to details
  5. (4.RN.2.2) Main idea and details
  6. (4.RN.2.3) Events, procedures ideas
  7. (4.RV.2.1) Context clues
  8. (4.RV.2.2) Word relationships
  9. (4.RV.2.4) Affixes and roots
  10. (4.RV.2.5) Reference materials
  11. (4.RV.3.1) Meaning in literature
  12. (4.RV.3.2) Meaning in nonfiction
  13. (4.RV.3.3) Idioms, adages, proverbs
  1. (4.RL.3.2) Points of view
  2. (4.RL.3.1) Poems, drama, prose
  3. (4.RL.4.2) Compare/contrast themes, topics
  4. (4.RN.3.1) Text features
  5. (4.RN.3.2) Overall structure
  6. (4.RN.3.3) Compare accounts
  7. (4.RN.4.1) Reasons and evidence
  8. (4.RN.4.2) Integrate information
  1. (4.W.3.1) Persuasive
  2. (4.W.3.2) Informative
  3. (4.W.3.3) Narrative
  4. (4.W.4) Writing process
  5. (4.W.5) Research
  6. (4.W.6.1a) Nouns/Pronouns
  7. (4.W.6.1b) Progressive tenses
  8. (4.W.6.1c) Adjectives/Adverbs
  9. (4.W.6.1d) Prepositions
  10. (4.W.6.1e) Usage
  11. (4.W.6.2a) Capitalization
  12. (4.W.6.2b) Punctuation
  13. (4.W.6.2c) Spell correctly

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