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4th Grade Mathematics ILEARN (IAS) Practice

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  • Questions 2,343
  • Vocabulary Terms 159
  • Performance Tasks 108
  • Instructional Videos 57

Test Standards

  1. (4.AT.1) Solve problems
  2. (4.AT.2) Relationships between operations
  3. (4.AT.3) Interpret multiplication
  4. (4.AT.4) Solve real-world problems
  5. (4.AT.5) Fraction problems
  6. (4.AT.6) Equation as a rule
  1. (4.DA.1) Formulate questions
  2. (4.DA.2) Line plots
  3. (4.DA.3) Circle graphs
  1. (4.C.1) Add and subtract
  2. (4.C.2) Multiply numbers
  3. (4.C.3) Quotients
  4. (4.C.4) Multiply fluently
  5. (4.C.5) Fractions with common denominators
  6. (4.C.6) Mixed numbers
  7. (4.C.7) Commutative and associative rules
  1. (4.G.1) Parallelograms, etc.
  2. (4.G.2) Lines of symmetry
  3. (4.G.3) Angles
  4. (4.G.4) Rays and angles
  5. (4.G.5) Classify triangles and quadrilaterals
  1. (4.M.1) Measure length
  2. (4.M.2) Relative sizes
  3. (4.M.3) Solve problems
  4. (4.M.4) Perimeter and area
  5. (4.M.5) Angles
  6. (4.M.6) Measure angles
  1. (4.NS.1) Whole numbers
  2. (4.NS.2) Compare numbers
  3. (4.NS.3) Whole numbers as fractions
  4. (4.NS.4) Equivalence of fractions
  5. (4.NS.5) Compare fractions
  6. (4.NS.6) Decimal and fraction notations
  7. (4.NS.7) Compare decimals
  8. (4.NS.8) Factor pairs
  9. (4.NS.9) Round numbers
  1. (4.PS.1) Analyze problems
  2. (4.PS.2) Break down problem
  3. (4.PS.3) Apply strategies and results
  4. (4.PS.4) Use various methods
  5. (4.PS.5) Express and support solutions
  6. (4.PS.6) Exact and approximate solutions
  7. (4.PS.7) Methods for estimating
  8. (4.PS.8) Make precise calculations
  9. (4.PS.9) Reasonableness of solutions
  10. (4.PS.10) Problem solving methods

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