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ILEARN Practice Tests and Curriculum Resources - Grade 5 Social Studies

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Test Standards

  1. (SS.5.1.8) Colonial Leaders
  2. (SS.5.1.9) American Revolution: Causes
  3. (SS.5.1.10) American Revolution: Leaders
  4. (SS.5.1.14) Creating the Constitution
  5. (SS.5.1.15) The Bill of Rights
  6. (SS.5.1.16) Early U.S. Politics
  7. (SS.5.1.17) Timelines of Early U.S. History
  8. (SS.5.2.1) Constitutional Principles
  9. (SS.5.2.2) Colonial Documents
  10. (SS.5.2.3) Representative Government
  11. (SS.5.2.4) Early American Documents
  12. (SS.5.2.5) Bill of Rights
  13. (SS.5.2.6) Election Process
  14. (SS.5.2.7) Branches of Government
  15. (SS.5.2.8) Civic Participation
  16. (SS.5.2.9) Public Opinion
  17. (SS.5.2.10) Contemporary Issues
  1. (SS.5.1.5) Reasons for Colonization
  2. (SS.5.1.7) The British Colonies
  3. (SS.5.3.1) Latitude and Longitude
  4. (SS.5.3.2) Regions of the U.S.
  5. (SS.5.3.3) Locations in the U.S.
  6. (SS.5.3.4) Early Settlements
  7. (SS.5.3.5) Drainage Basins
  8. (SS.5.3.6) U.S. Climate Regions
  9. (SS.5.3.7) Water Issues
  10. (SS.5.3.8) Colonial Land Issues
  11. (SS.5.3.9) Early Economic Regions
  12. (SS.5.3.10) Early Land Conflicts
  13. (SS.5.3.11) Adapting to the Environment
  14. (SS.5.3.12) Environment and History
  15. (SS.5.4.1) Pre-Colonial Economies
  16. (SS.5.4.2) Early America: Market Economy
  17. (SS.4.4.3) Trade Barriers
  18. (SS.4.4.4) Early America: Technology & Trade
  19. (SS.4.4.6) Career Options
  20. (SS.4.4.5) Increasing Productivity
  21. (SS.4.4.7) Supply & Demand
  22. (SS.4.4.8) Early America: Price Effects
  23. (SS.4.4.9) Personal Budgetting
  1. (SS.5.1.1) Early Native Settlements
  2. (SS.5.1.2) North American Exploration
  3. (SS.5.1.3) Indian Groups
  4. (SS.5.1.4) Early European Settlements
  5. (SS.5.1.6) Cooperation & Conflict
  6. (SS.5.1.11) American Revolution: Foreign Aid
  7. (SS.5.1.12) American Revolution: Women & Minorities
  8. (SS.5.1.13) American Revolution: Results
  9. (SS.5.1.18) Reading Fiction & Nonfiction
  10. (SS.5.1.19) Primary & Secondary Sources: Historical Account
  11. (SS.5.1.20) Primary & Secondary Sources: Problems
  12. (SS.5.1.21) Formulate Historical Questions

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