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  • Questions 3,181
  • Vocabulary Terms 179
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Test Standards

  1. (A1.1.1) Real Number Expressions
  2. (A1.1.2) Simplify Square Roots
  3. (A1.1.3) Properties
  4. (A1.1.4) Laws of Exponents
  5. (A1.1.5) Dimensional Analysis
  1. (A1.2.1) Solve Linear Equations
  2. (A1.2.2) Solve Equations and Formulas
  3. (A1.2.3) Find Solution Sets
  4. (A1.2.4) Solve Linear Inequalities
  5. (A1.2.5) Combined Linear Inequalities
  6. (A1.2.6) Solve Word Problems
  1. (A1.3.1) Sketch Graphs
  2. (A1.3.2) Interpret Graphs
  3. (A1.3.3) Functions
  4. (A1.3.4) Domain and Range
  1. (A1.4.1) Graph Linear Equations
  2. (A1.4.2) Slope and Intercepts
  3. (A1.4.3) Slope-Intercept Form
  4. (A1.4.4) Write Equations
  5. (A1.4.5) Modeling Data Sets
  6. (A1.4.6) Graph Linear Inequalities
  1. (A1.5.1) systems - use graphs
  2. (A1.5.2) graph systems of linear inequalities
  3. (A1.5.3) Substitution Method
  4. (A1.5.4) Addition and Subtraction Methods
  5. (A1.5.5) Multiplication Method
  6. (A1.5.6) Word Problems
  1. (A1.6.1) Operations with Polynomials
  2. (A1.6.2) Monomials
  3. (A1.6.3) Powers and Roots
  4. (A1.6.4) Multiply Polynomials
  5. (A1.6.5) Divide Polynomials
  6. (A1.6.6) Common Monomial Factor
  7. (A1.6.7) Difference of Squares
  8. (A1.6.8) Solutions, Zeros, and x-Intercepts
  1. (A1.7.1) Algebraic Ratios
  2. (A1.7.2) Algebraic Proportions
  1. (A1.8.1) Quadratic, Cubic, and Radical Equations
  2. (A1.8.2) solve quadratics by factoring
  3. (A1.8.3) solve quadratics with perfect squares
  4. (A1.8.4) Complete the Square
  5. (A1.8.5) Derive Quadratic Formula
  6. (A1.8.6) Quadratic Formula
  7. (A1.8.7) Quadratic Word Problems
  8. (A1.8.8) Radical Equations
  9. (A1.8.9) Use Graphing Technology
  1. (A1.9.1) Problem-Solving Strategies
  2. (A1.9.2) Reasonable Solution
  3. (A1.9.3) Justify Steps
  4. (A1.9.4) Logic of Equation Solving
  5. (A1.9.5) Always, Sometimes, Never
  6. (A1.9.6) Inductive and Deductive Reasoning
  7. (A1.9.7) Hypothesis and Conclusion
  8. (A1.9.8) Counterexamples

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