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Algebra I (IAS) Practice

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  • Questions 2,225
  • Vocabulary Terms 184
  • Performance Tasks 130
  • Instructional Videos 92

Test Standards

  1. (AI.NE.1) Number sets
  2. (AI.NE.2) Simplify expressions
  3. (AI.NE.3) Simplify square roots
  4. (AI.NE.4) Factor quadratics
  5. (AI.NE.5) Polynomial arithmetic
  1. (AI.F.1) Functions
  2. (AI.F.2) Function notation
  3. (AI.F.3) Domain and range
  4. (AI.F.4) Analyze and sketch graphs
  1. (AI.L.1) Represent real-world problems
  2. (AI.L.2) Compound linear inequalities
  3. (AI.L.3) Graphs, equations, and tables
  4. (AI.L.4) Linear models
  5. (AI.L.5) Equivalent forms
  6. (AI.L.6) Inequality models
  7. (AI.L.7) Solve for a variable
  1. (AI.SEI.1) Solutions and graphs
  2. (AI.SEI.2) Substitution and elimination
  3. (AI.SEI.3) Solve with and without technology
  4. (AI.SEI.4) Solve by graphing
  1. (AI.QE.1) Linear v. exponential functions
  2. (AI.QE.2) y = abx
  3. (AI.QE.3) Completing the square
  4. (AI.QE.4) Solve quadratic equations
  5. (AI.QE.5) One or two variable equations
  6. (AI.QE.6) Graph equations
  7. (AI.QE.7) Relationships
  1. (AI.DS.1) Sampling methods
  2. (AI.DS.2) Analyze possibilities
  3. (AI.DS.3) Linear function
  4. (AI.DS.4) Correlation v. causation
  5. (AI.DS.5) Frequencies

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