Algebra II (IAS) Practice

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Complex Numbers and Expressions 15%
Functions 14%
Systems of Equations 14%
Quadratic Equations and Functions 14%
Exponential and Logarithmic Equations and Functions 15%
Polynomial, Rational, and Other Equations and Functions 14%
Data Analysis, Statistics, and Probability 14%
  • Questions 3,048
  • Vocabulary Terms 218
  • Performance Tasks 177
  • Instructional Videos 143

Test Standards

Complex Numbers and Expressions
1. (AII.CNE.1)  Represent complex numbers
2. (AII.CNE.2)  Radical and exponential form
3. (AII.CNE.3)  Rational expressions form a system
4. (AII.CNE.4)  Rewrite expressions
5. (AII.CNE.5)  Rewrite rational expressions
6. (AII.CNE.6)  Partial sums
1. (AII.F.1)  Functions
2. (AII.F.2)  Compose functions
3. (AII.F.3)  Inverse functions
4. (AII.F.4)  Inverse graphs
5. (AII.F.5)  Transform graphs
Systems of Equations
1. (AII.SE.1)  Nonlinear systems
2. (AII.SE.2)  Systems of linear equations
3. (AII.SE.3)  Real-world systems
Quadratic Equations and Functions
1. (AII.Q.1)  Quadratic models
2. (AII.Q.2)  Rewrite quadratics
3. (AII.Q.3)  Discriminant
Exponential and Logarithmic Equations and Functions
1. (AII.EL.1)  Arithmetic & geometric sequences
2. (AII.EL.2)  Graph exponentials
3. (AII.EL.3)  Exponential change
4. (AII.EL.4)  Transform exponentials
5. (AII.EL.5)  Exponential/Log inverses
6. (AII.EL.6)  Exponents & logarithms
Polynomial, Rational, and Other Equations and Functions
1. (AII.PR.1)  Polynomial equations
2. (AII.PR.2)  Graph relations and functions
3. (AII.PR.3)  Rational/Radical functions
Data Analysis, Statistics, and Probability
1. (AII.DSP.1)  Infer and conclude
2. (AII.DSP.2)  Model relationships
3. (AII.DSP.3)  Univariate data
4. (AII.DSP.4)  Probability distributions
5. (AII.DSP.5)  Dependent and independent
6. (AII.DSP.6)  Counting and probability