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Geometry (IAS) Practice

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Test Standards

  1. (G.LP.1) Axiomatic system
  2. (G.LP.2) Definitions
  3. (G.LP.3) Conditionals
  4. (G.LP.4) Proofs
  1. (G.PL.1) Planes
  2. (G.PL.2:) Intersections in the plane
  3. (G.PL.3) Lines and angles
  4. (G.PL.4) Parallel and perpendicular
  1. (G.T.1) Triangle theorems
  2. (G.T.2) Triangle congruence
  3. (G.T.3) Construct triangles
  4. (G.T.4) Similarity
  5. (G.T.5) Solve problems
  6. (G.T.6) Inequality theorems
  7. (G.T.7) Altitudes
  8. (G.T.8) Distance formula
  9. (G.T.9) Trigonometric ratios
  10. (G.T.10) Right triangle trig
  11. (G.T.11) Special triangles
  1. (G.QP.1) Parallelogram theorems
  2. (G.QP.2) Quadrilaterals
  3. (G.QP.3) Interior and exterior angles
  4. (G.QP.4) Symmetries
  5. (G.QP.5) Polygon formulas
  1. (G.CI.1) Circle properties
  2. (G.CI.2) Arcs and sectors
  3. (G.CI.3) Angles in circles
  4. (G.CI.4) Circle problems
  5. (G.CI.5) Construct a circle
  6. (G.CI.6) Tangent line to a circle
  7. (G.CI.7) Inscribed/circumscribed circles
  1. (G.TR.1) Rigid motions
  2. (G.TR.2) Dilations
  1. (G.TS.1) Solids and nets
  2. (G.TS.2) Solid symmetries
  3. (G.TS.3) Congruent and similar solids
  4. (G.TS.4) Points on spheres
  5. (G.TS.5) Volume and surface area
  6. (G.TS.6) Design problems
  7. (G.TS.7) 3D coordinates
  8. (G.TS.8) 3D distance
  9. (G.TS.9) Cross-sections

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