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IN Grade 10 ISTEP Math Practice and Test Prep

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Discover the most effective and comprehensive online solution for curriculum mastery, high-stakes testing, and assessment in Indiana. Our Grade 10 ISTEP+ Math practice and curriculum review is aligned to the most current Indiana standards. Request your free trial and see why our users say USATestprep has improved their students' pass rates.

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  • Questions 5,654
  • Vocabulary Terms 293
  • Performance Tasks 293
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Test Standards

  1. (8.NS.1) Irrational Numbers
  2. (8.NS.2) Rational Approximations
  3. (8.NS.3) Integer Exponents
  4. (8.NS.4) Square Root
  5. (8.C.1) Solve problems
  6. (8.C.2) Scientific Notation
  7. (AI.RNE.1) Relationships of numbers
  8. (AI.RNE.2) Sum and product of numbers
  9. (AI.RNE.3) Expressions with exponents
  10. (AI.RNE.4) Simplify square roots
  11. (AI.RNE.5) Simplify expressions
  12. (AI.RNE.6) Factor polynomials
  13. (AI.RNE.7) Operations with polynomials
  1. (8.GM.1) 3D objects
  2. (8.GM.2) Volume Formulas
  3. (8.GM.3) Verify Properties Rigid Transformations
  4. (8.GM.4) Congruent
  5. (8.GM.5) Similar
  6. (8.GM.6) Coordinates
  7. (8.GM.7) Explain Proof
  8. (8.GM.8) Apply Pythagorean Theorem
  9. (8.GM.9) Pythagorean Theorem Distance
  1. (8.DSP.1) Bivariate Data
  2. (8.DSP.2) Straight Lines
  3. (8.DSP.3) Linear Model
  4. (8.DSP.4) Compound events
  5. (8.DSP.5) Sample spaces
  6. (8.DSP.6) Counting principle
  7. (AI.DS.1) Sampling methods
  8. (AI.DS.2) Bivariate data
  9. (AI.DS.3) Linear function
  10. (AI.DS.4) Correlation v. causation
  11. (AI.DS.5) Frequencies
  12. (AI.DS.6) Analyze possibilities
  1. (8.AF.1) Solve linear equations
  2. (8.AF.2) Linear Examples
  3. (8.AF.3) Function as Rule
  4. (8.AF.4) Functional Relationship
  5. (8.AF.5) Interpret Equation
  6. (8.AF.6) Function Model
  7. (8.AF.7) Compare Functions
  8. (8.AF.8) Linear system
  9. (AI.F.1) y = f(x)
  10. (AI.F.2) Analyze and sketch graphs
  11. (AI.F.3) Identify domain and range
  12. (AI.F.4) Function notation
  13. (AI.L.1) Linear equations and inequalities
  14. (AI.L.2) Represent real-world problems
  15. (AI.L.3) Algebraic proportion
  16. (AI.L.4) Graphs, equations, and tables
  17. (AI.L.5) Slope and intercepts
  18. (AI.L.6) Equivalent forms of equations
  19. (AI.L.7) Solve linear inequalities
  20. (AI.L.8) Compound linear inequalities
  21. (AI.L.9) Absolute value linear equations
  22. (AI.L.10) Graph absolute value linear equations
  23. (AI.L.11) Solve for a variable
  1. (AI.SEI.1) Solutions and graphs
  2. (AI.SEI.2) Substitution and elimination
  3. (AI.SEI.3) Solve with and without technology
  4. (AI.SEI.4) Solve by graphing
  1. (AI.QE.1) Linear v. exponential functions
  2. (AI.QE.2) y = abx
  3. (AI.QE.3) Graph equations
  4. (AI.QE.4) Solve quadratic equations
  5. (AI.QE.5) One or two variable equations
  6. (AI.QE.6) Factor quadratic functions
  7. (AI.QE.7) Relationship among components

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