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Pre-Calculus (IAS) Practice

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  • Questions 1,697
  • Vocabulary Terms 170
  • Performance Tasks 107
  • Instructional Videos 101

Test Standards

  1. (PC.PCN.1) Complex plane
  2. (PC.PCN.2) Rectangular and Polar form
  3. (PC.PCN.3) Complex Operations
  4. (PC.PCN.4) DeMoivre’s Theorem
  1. (PC.F.1) Key features
  2. (PC.F.2) Linear models
  3. (PC.F.3) Sequences
  4. (PC.F.4) Inverse functions
  5. (PC.F.5) Restrict domain
  6. (PC.F.6) Transform graphs
  7. (PC.F.7) Continuity
  8. (PC.F.8) Define sequences
  9. (PC.F.9) Sequential change problems
  10. (PC.F.10) Limits
  1. (PC.QPR.1) Complete the square
  2. (PC.QPR.2) Graph rational functions
  3. (PC.QPR.3) Remainder Theorem
  4. (PC.QPR.4) Fundamental Theorem of Algebra
  1. (PC.EL.1) Logarithms
  2. (PC.EL.2) Simplify logarithms
  3. (PC.EL.3) Graph and solve
  4. (PC.EL.4) Function models relationship
  5. (PC.PE.1) Convert parametrics
  6. (PC.PE.2) Planar curves

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