Physics Practice

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Motion and Forces40%
Energy and Momentum25%
Temperature and Thermal Energy5%
Electricity and Magnetism5%
Vibrations and Waves10%
Light and Optics10%
Modern Physics5%
  • Questions: 2,280
  • Technology Enhanced Items: 183
  • Instructional Videos: 80
  • Vocabulary Terms: 276

Test Standards

Motion and Forces
1. (P.1.1.)  Describe, Measure, And Analyze Motion In One Dimentsion
2. (P.1.2.)  Describe, Measure, And Analyze Motion In Two Dimensions
3. (P.1.3.)  Newton's Laws Describe Forces And Their Resultants
4. (P.1.4.)  Newton's Law Of Gravitation And Orbiting Objects
Energy and Momentum
1. (P.2.1.)  Concepts Of Momentum, Work, Kinetic Energy, Potential Energy And Power.
2. (P.2.2.)  Changes In Momentum
3. (P.2.3.)  Elastic And Inelastic Collisions
4. (P.2.4.)  Forms Of Energy And Their Transformations
Temperature and Thermal Energy
1. (P.3.1.)  Temperature And The Kinetic Molecular Model
2. (P.3.2.)  Kinetic Molecular Model And The Ideal Gas Law
3. (P.3.3.)  Kinetic Theory And Change Of State
4. (P.3.4.)  Thermal Energy And Conduction, Convection And Radiation.
Electricity and Magnetism
1. (P.4.1.)  Coulomb's Law And The Force On A Charge
2. (P.4.2.)  Electric Field
3. (P.4.3.)  Electric Potential Energy And Voltage
4. (P.4.4.)  Series And Parallel Circuits
5. (P.4.5.)  Magnetic Forces And Fields
Vibrations and Waves
1. (P.5.1.)  Vibrational Motion And Newton's Laws
2. (P.5.2.)  Vibrating Objects And Waves
3. (P.5.3.)  Fundamental Characteristics Of Waves
4. (P.5.4.)  Wave Behaviors
Light and Optics
1. (P.6.1.)  Geometric Nature Of Light
2. (P.6.2.)  Electromagnetic Spectrum
3. (P.6.3.)  Dual Nature Of Electromagnetic Waves
Modern Physics
1. (P.7.1.)  Atomic Structure And Forces
2. (P.7.2.)  The Atomic Nucleus And The Strong Force
3. (P.7.3.)  Fission And Fusion
4. (P.7.4.)  Nuclear Reactions And Energy Creation
5. (P.7.5.)  Results Of Fission And Fusion