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United States History (HGSS) Practice

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  • Questions 1,517
  • Vocabulary Terms 513
  • Performance Tasks 128
  • Instructional Videos 143

Test Standards

  1. (US.A.1) Late 1800s Immigration
  2. (US.A.2) Urbanization (late 1800s)
  3. (US.A.3) Labor & Industry (late 1800s)
  4. (US.A.4) Business & Industry in the Gilded Age
  5. (US.A.5) New Technologies (late 1800s)
  6. (US.A.6) Populist Movement
  7. (US.A.7) Progressive Movement
  8. (US.A.8) Women's Movement (early 1900s)
  9. (US.A.9) African American Experiences (late 1800s)
  1. (US.B.1) The American West
  2. (US.B.2) Native American Policy (late 1800s)
  3. (US.B.3) Spanish American War
  4. (US.B.4) US Imperialism (early 1900s)
  5. (US.B.5) Foreign Policy (early 1900s)
  1. (US.C.1) World War I
  2. (US.C.2) Science & Technology (1920s)
  3. (US.C.3) Cultural Movements (1920s)
  4. (US.C.4) Social Conflicts
  1. (US.D.2) Great Depression: Impact
  2. (US.D.3) The New Deal
  3. (D.1.e) Great Depression: Causes
  1. (US.E.1) Pre-World War II U.S.
  2. (US.E.2) World War II
  3. (US.E.3) World War II: The Home Front
  4. (US.E.4) World War II: Technology
  5. (US.E.5) The Holocaust
  1. (US.F.1) Cold War: Beginnings
  2. (US.F.2) Cold War: Foreign Policy
  3. (US.F.3) Vietnam War
  4. (US.F.4) Collapse of Communism
  1. (US.G.1) Federal Government and the Civil Rights Movement
  2. (US.G.2) Civil Rights Groups and People
  3. (US.G.3) Black Power Movement
  4. (US.G.4) Culture: 1950s & 1960s
  1. (US.H.1) Society & Technology, post-1970
  2. (US.H.2) Politics & Economics at the End of the 20th Century
  3. (US.H.3) Society & Culture at the End of the 20th Century
  4. (US.H.4) The U.S. in the Post-Cold War

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