Kentucky K-PREP Reading: Grade 6 Practice

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Key Ideas24%
Craft and Structure24%
Integration of Ideas28%
Vocabulary and Acquisition24%
  • Questions: 3,253
  • Two-Part Items: 17
  • Vocabulary Terms: 145
  • Performance Tasks: 222
  • Instructional Videos: 86

Test Standards

Key Ideas
1. (6.RL/RI.1)  Cite Textual Evidence
2. (6.RL/RI.2)  Theme Or Central Idea
3. (6.RL.3)  Plot And Character Development
4. (6.RI.3)  Key Individual, Event, Idea
Craft and Structure
1. (6.RL/RI.4)  Meanings Of Words And Phrases
2. (6.RL/RI.5)  Analyze Particular Items
3. (6.RL.6)  Point Of View
4. (6.RI.6)  Author's Viewpoint Or Purpose
Integration of Ideas
1. (6.RL.7)  Text Versions
2. (6.RI.7)  Different Media Or Formats
3. (6.RI.8)  Argument And Claims
4. (6.RI.9)  Compare Authors' Presentations
5. (6.RL.9)  Different Forms Or Genres
Vocabulary and Acquisition
1. (6.L.4a)  Context Clues
2. (6.L.4b)  Affixes And Roots
3. (6.L.4c)  Reference Materials
4. (6.L.5a)  Figures Of Speech
5. (6.L.5b)  Word Relationships
6. (6.L.5c)  Connotations