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3rd Grade Math KSA (KAS) Practice

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  • Questions 1,519
  • Vocabulary Terms 93
  • Performance Tasks 86
  • Instructional Videos 47

Test Standards

  1. (KY.3.OA.1) Whole Number Products
  2. (KY.3.OA.2) Whole Number Quotients
  3. (KY.3.OA.3) Solve Word Problems
  4. (KY.3.OA.4) Unknown Whole Number
  5. (KY.3.OA.5) Properties of Operations
  6. (KY.3.OA.6) Division as Unknown Factor
  7. (KY.3.OA.7) Fluently Multiply and Divide
  8. (KY.3.OA.8) Two-Step Word Problems
  9. (KY.3.OA.9) Arithmetic Patterns
  1. (KY.3.NBT.1) Round to Nearest 10 or 100
  2. (KY.3.NBT.2) Add and Subtract Within 1000
  3. (KY.3.NBT.3) Multiply by Multiples of 10
  1. (KY.3.NF.1) Fractions Partitioned into Parts
  2. (KY.3.NF.2.a) Unit Fraction on a Number Line
  3. (KY.3.NF.2.b) Non-Unit Fraction on a Number Line
  4. (KY.3.NF.3.a) Understand Equivalent Fractions
  5. (KY.3.NF.3.b) Generate Equivalent Fractions
  6. (KY.3.NF.3.c) Whole Numbers as Fractions
  7. (KY.3.NF.3.d) Compare Two Fractions
  1. (KY.3.MD.1) Tell & Write Time
  2. (KY.3.MD.2) Mass & Liquid Volume
  3. (KY.3.MD.3) Pictographs & Bar Graphs
  4. (KY.3.MD.4) Lengths & Dot Plots
  5. (KY.3.MD.5) Recognize Area
  6. (KY.3.MD.6) Measure Areas
  7. (KY.3.MD.7.a) Finding Area by Tiling
  8. (KY.3.MD.7.b) Multiply to Find Area
  9. (KY.3.MD.7.c) Area and Distributive Property
  10. (KY.3.MD.7.d) Area as Additive
  11. (KY.3.MD.8) Perimeters of Polygons
  12. (KY.3.G.1) Classify Polygons
  13. (KY.3.G.2) Partition Shapes

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