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4th Grade Math KSA (KAS) Practice

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  • Questions 2,004
  • Vocabulary Terms 145
  • Performance Tasks 86
  • Instructional Videos 54

Test Standards

  1. (KY.4.OA.1) Multiplication as a Comparison
  2. (KY.4.OA.2) Multiply or Divide Word Problems
  3. (KY.4.OA.3.a) Perform Operations in Order
  4. (KY.4.OA.3.b) Solve Multistep Word Problems
  5. (KY.4.OA.4) Factors & Multiples
  6. (KY.4.OA.5) Number & Shape Patterns
  1. (KY.4.NBT.1) Multi-Digit Numbers
  2. (KY.4.NBT.2.a) Read & Write Numbers
  3. (KY.4.NBT.2.b) Compare Two Numbers
  4. (KY.4.NBT.3) Rounding Numbers
  5. (KY.4.NBT.4) Fluently Add & Subtract
  6. (KY.4.NBT.5) Multiply Whole Numbers
  7. (KY.4.NBT.6) Divide Whole Numbers
  1. (KY.4.NF.1) Equivalent Fractions
  2. (KY.4.NF.2) Compare Fractions
  3. (KY.4.NF.3.a) Join & Separate Fraction Parts
  4. (KY.4.NF.3.b) Decomposing Fractions
  5. (KY.4.NF.3.c) Add & Subtract Mixed Numbers
  6. (KY.4.NF.3.d) Fraction Word Problems
  7. (KY.4.NF.4) Multiply Fractions
  8. (KY.4.NF.5) Convert & Add Fractions
  9. (KY.4.NF.6) Decimals as Fractions
  10. (KY.4.NF.7) Compare Decimals
  1. (KY.4.MD.1) Measurement Units
  2. (KY.4.MD.2) Measurement Word Problems
  3. (KY.4.MD.3) Area & Perimeter Formulas
  4. (KY.4.MD.4) Dot Plots
  5. (KY.4.MD.5) Angles as Shapes
  6. (KY.4.MD.6) Measure Angles
  7. (KY.4.MD.7) Angles are Additive
  8. (KY.4.G.1) Draw Points & Lines
  9. (KY.4.G.2) Classify 2D Figures
  10. (KY.4.G.3) Symmetry

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