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4th Grade Social Studies (KAS) Practice

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  • Questions 499
  • Vocabulary Terms 132
  • Performance Tasks 36
  • Instructional Videos 33

Test Standards

  1. (4.G.MM;H.CE;H.CO) Exploration Technology
  2. (4.H.CO.1) Explorers & Their Motives
  3. (4.E.IC;ST) American Indian Settlements
  4. (4.G.MM.1) Cross-Cultural Interactions
  5. (4.G.HI) European Contact
  6. (4.E.ST;G.GR;H.CH.1&2) The Columbian Exchange
  1. (4.E.MI.1&2) Jamestown
  2. (4.G.MM;HI;HE,C.CP.1&2;C.PR) The Southern Colonies
  3. (4.G.MM;HI;HE;CP.1&2;C.PR) The New England Colonies
  4. (4.G.MM;HI;HE;CP.1&2;C.PR) The Middle Colonies
  5. (4.G.GR;H.CH.1&2) Comparing the Colonies
  6. (4.G.HI.1) Cooperation & Conflict
  7. (4.G.MM;H.CO) Triangular Trade
  8. (4.G.MM) African Americans in the Colonies
  9. (4.G.HI;HE) Life in the Colonies
  1. (4.C.KGO.1 ) Kentucky Government
  2. (4.E.KE.1) Kentucky Economics
  3. (4.G.KGE.1) Kentucky Geography
  4. (4.H.KH.1) Kentucky History

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