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Geography (KAS) Practice

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  • Questions 612
  • Vocabulary Terms 179
  • Performance Tasks 55
  • Instructional Videos 65

Test Standards

  1. (HS.G.MM.1) Migration
  2. (HS.G.MM.2) Spatial Distribution
  1. (HS.G.HI.1) Cooperation & Conflict
  2. (HS.G.HI.2) Characteristics of Place
  3. (HS.G.HI.3) Cultural Regions
  1. (HS.G.HE.1) Reciprocal Relationships
  2. (HS.G.HE.2) Human Settlement
  1. (HS.G.GR.1) Human & Physical Patterns
  2. (HS.G.GR.2) Environmental Factors
  1. (HS.G.KGE.1) Kentucky & Regions
  2. (HS.G.KGE.2) Geography of Kentucky

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