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United States History EOC (KAS) Practice

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  • Vocabulary Terms 512
  • Performance Tasks 114
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Test Standards

  1. (HS.UH.CH.3) Economic Growth
  2. (HS.UH.CH.2) Capitalism & Democracy
  3. (HS.UH.CE.5) The Populist Movement
  4. (HS.UH.CE.1) The Urbanization of American
  5. (HS.UH.CH.1) The Progressive Movement
  1. (HS.UH.CO.3) Isolation to Intervention
  2. (HS.UH.CO.3) The Spanish American War
  3. (HS.UH.CO.1) Early 20th Century Diplomacy
  4. (HS.UH.CE.2,CO.3) World War I
  5. (HS.UH.CO.2) Post-World War I Isolation
  6. (HS.UH.CH.5) The Roaring '20s
  7. (HS.UH.CE.6) 1920's Social Change
  1. (HS.UH.CE.3) The Great Depression
  2. (HS.UH.CH.4,CE.4) The New Deal
  3. (HS.UH.CO.3,CE.2) Events Leading to World War II
  4. (HS.UH.CO.1&.2) World War II: Homefront
  5. (HS.UH.CE.2,CO.3) World War II: Allied Cooperation
  6. (HS.UH.CE.5) World War II: The Human Cost
  1. (HS.UH.CO.4) Early Cold War
  2. (HS.UH.CH.5) Post- World War II Societal Changes
  3. (HS.UH.CH.1) Civil Rights Movement
  4. (HS.UH.CE.3,.4) Johnson & Nixon
  5. (HS.UH.CH.6,CO.4) The Vietnam War
  6. (HS.UH.CO.1) The Conservative Movement
  7. (HS.UH.CO.4) US & USSR (1980-1988)
  8. (HS.UH.CE.6,.4,CO.1,.2) G.H.W. Bush: Domestic Issues
  9. (HS.UH.CO.5) G.H.W. Bush: Foreign Policy Issues
  1. (HS.UH.CE.6,CO.5) The Clinton Years
  2. (HS.UH.CE.6,.CO.5) The September 11 Attacks
  3. (HS.UH.CH.6,CE.3,.CO.5) The Obama Era

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