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World History (KAS) Practice

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  • Questions 1,629
  • Vocabulary Terms 499
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Test Standards

  1. (HS.WH.CH.2) Diffusion of Peoples
  2. (HS.WH.CE.2) The Crusades & the Renaissance
  3. (HS.WH.CE.1&.2) Europeans in Africa
  4. (HS.WH.CH.2) Collapse of Feudalism
  5. (HS.WH.CH.1) The Ming
  1. (HS.WH.CH.1,CE.1) Changing Boundaries
  2. (HS.WH.CE.2,CO.1) Exploration Routes
  3. (HS.WH.CH.1,CO.1) Conflicts Between Kingdoms
  4. (HS.WH.CH.3,CO.1) The Mughal Empire
  5. (HS.WH.CH.1) The Ottoman Empire
  6. (HS.WH.CE.1&.2) The Columbian Exchange
  7. (HS.WH.CO.1&.2) Changing Boundaries of Nation-States
  8. (HS.WH.CO.1&.2) European Rivalries
  9. (HS.WH.CH.1) Qin & Ming Dynasties
  10. (HS.WH.CH.3.CE.1) Mercantilism
  11. (HS.WH.CE.3,CE.5,CO.1) West Africa & the Slave Trade
  1. (HS.WH.CH.2) Scientific Revolution
  2. (HS.WH.CH.2) The Enlightenment
  3. (HS.WH.CH.6,CE.4) The American Revolution
  4. (HS.WH.CH.6,CE.4) Age of Revolutions
  5. (HS.WH.CH.1,.2,CE.4) European Revolutions
  6. (HS.WH.CH.2,CE.4) Individual Rights
  7. (HS.WH.CH.5,CE.5) The Industrial Revolution
  8. (HS.WH.CH.2,.3,CO.2) Asia & Europe
  9. (HS.WH.CE.2) A Market Economy
  10. (HS.WH.CE.4) Competing Ideologies
  11. (HS.WH.CE.6&.7) Imperialism
  12. (HS.WH.CE.4) Challenges to National Unity
  1. (HS.WH.CH.4,CE.8) Causes of Global Conflict
  2. (HS.WH.CH.6,CE.4) The Russian Revolution
  3. (HS.WH.CH.7,CO.5) Interwar Years
  4. (HS.WH.CH.7,CE.8,CO.2) Geopolitical Shifts
  5. (HS.WH.CH.6,.7,CO.2) Impact on the Middle East
  6. (HS.WH.CE.9) Growing Nationalism
  1. (HS.WH.CE.9,CO.3) African & Asian Self-Rule
  2. (HS.WH.CE.8,.9,CO.3,.4) Supranational Organizations
  3. (HS.WH.CO.3,.6) Impact of the Cold War
  4. (HS.WH.CO.5) Pop Culture
  5. (HS.WH.CO.4,.6) Equity Issues
  6. (HS.WH.CO.3) Collapse of the Soviet Union
  7. (HS.WH.CO.4-.6) A Global System

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