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6th Grade

K-PREP Reading: Grade 6
K-PREP Mathematics: Grade 6
6th Grade Science (KAS-NGSS)
Aspire English - Grade 6
Aspire Math - Grade 6
Aspire Reading - Grade 6
Aspire Science - Grade 6

7th Grade

K-PREP Reading: Grade 7
K-PREP Mathematics: Grade 7
7th Grade Science (KAS-NGSS)
Aspire English - Grade 7
Aspire Math - Grade 7
Aspire Reading - Grade 7
Aspire Science - Grade 7

8th Grade

K-PREP Reading: Grade 8
K-PREP Mathematics: Grade 8
8th Grade Science (KAS-NGSS)
8th Grade Social Studies (KCAS)
Aspire English - Grade 8
Aspire Math - Grade 8
Aspire Reading - Grade 8
Aspire Science - Grade 8
NAEP Grade 8 Mathematics
NAEP Grade 8 Reading


Algebra II (KAS)
Algebra I (QualityCore)
Civics NAEP
Geography NAEP
Middle School Writing
PSAT Mathematics
PSAT Reading
PSAT Writing and Language
Romeo and Juliet
US History NAEP


I like that time is kept for the assignments so I can relay this to the parents who want to know why their child did poorly - like doing 30 questions in 15 minutes. My students enjoyed the games and thought all features were helpful.
-- Christina Doogue, Cypress Bay High School