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7th Grade K-PREP Math (KAS) Practice

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  • Questions 3,009
  • Vocabulary Terms 177
  • Performance Tasks 176
  • Instructional Videos 102

Test Standards

  1. (7.RP.1) Unit rates
  2. (7.RP.2a) Determine proportionality
  3. (7.RP.2b) Constant of proportionality
  4. (7.RP.2c) Proportional equations
  5. (7.RP.2d) Meaning of a point
  6. (7.RP.3) Solve problems
  1. (7.NS.1a) Opposites combine
  2. (7.NS.1b) Signs and distance
  3. (7.NS.1c) Subtraction of rationals
  4. (7.NS.1d) Properties of operations
  5. (7.NS.2a) Rational multiplication
  6. (7.NS.2b) Integer division
  7. (7.NS.2c) Properties of operations
  8. (7.NS.2d) Rational to decimal
  9. (7.NS.3) Solve problems
  1. (7.EE.1) Linear expressions
  2. (7.EE.2) Rewrite an expression
  3. (7.EE.3) Solve problems
  4. (7.EE.4a) Solve word problems
  5. (7.EE.4b) Use inequalities
  1. (7.G.1) Scale drawings
  2. (7.G.2) Draw shapes
  3. (7.G.3) Plane sections
  4. (7.G.4) Area/Circumference formulas
  5. (7.G.5) Angle facts
  6. (7.G.6) Solve problems
  1. (7.SP.1) Samples and populations
  2. (7.SP.2) Draw inferences
  3. (7.SP.3) Overlap of distributions
  4. (7.SP.4) Comparative inferences
  5. (7.SP.5) Understand probability
  6. (7.SP.6) Approximate probability
  7. (7.SP.7a) Uniform model
  8. (7.SP.7b) Observe frequencies
  9. (7.SP.8a) Compound events
  10. (7.SP.8b) Sample spaces
  11. (7.SP.8c) Design and use simulation

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