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8th Grade Social Studies (KAS) Practice

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Test Standards

  1. (8.H.CH.1) Colonial Settlers
  2. (8.C.CP.1) Colonial Self-Government
  3. (8.G.MM.1) Slavery & the Plantation System
  1. (8.H.CO.1) French and Indian War
  2. (8.H.CO.1,8.C.CV.1) Causes of the American Revolution
  3. (8.G.MM.1) Ideas in the Declaration of Independence
  4. (8.H.CO.1) Revolutionary Individuals
  5. (8.C.CP.2) First & Second Continental Congress
  6. (8.H.CO.1) Revolutionary Battles
  7. (8.G.GR.1) The Treaty of Paris
  1. (8.C.CP.2) The Articles of Confederation
  2. (8.C.CP.2&.3) The Constitutional Convention
  3. (8.C.CP.3) The U.S. Constitution
  4. (8.C.PR.2) The Legislative Process
  5. (8.C.PR.1) Federalists & Anti-Federalists
  6. (8.H.CH.2,CO.2) Early Political Parties
  7. (8.H.CH.2) Washington's Presidency
  8. (8.C.PR.2) Early Supreme Court Cases
  9. (8.E.ST.1,H.CE.1) Early Foreign Policy Issues
  10. (8.H.CE.3,G.HI.1,HE.1) The Louisiana Purchase
  11. (8.G.MM.1,HE.1,H.CE.2) Manifest Destiny
  12. (8.H.CO.4,CE.2,CH.5) Age of Jackson
  13. (8.G.HI.1,H.CE.2) Texas & Mexico
  14. (8.E.MA.1-4) The First Industrial Revolution
  1. (8.H.CH.3,CO.3&.4) Slavery & Abolition
  2. (8.C.RR.1&.2) Women's Suffrage
  3. (8.E.ST.1,G.HE.1,H.CO.3) Sectional Differences
  4. (8.E.MI.1&.2,IC.1&.2,H.CH.4) The Cotton Gin & Its Impact
  5. (8.C.PR.2,CV.1,H.CO.3&.4) Sectional Legislation
  6. (8.H.CE.2) Early Civil War Battles
  7. (8.H.CE.2) Civil War Leaders
  8. (8.C.CV.1,RR.3) Women & Minorities in the Civil War
  9. (8.E.MI.1&.2,H.CH.4) The Union Prevails
  10. (8.C.CP.2,RR.2) Civil War Documents & Actions
  11. (8.C.CV.1,H.CO.2) Reconstruction Plans
  12. (8.C.RR.1-.3) Civil War Amendments
  13. (8.H.CO.4) Resistance to Reconstruction

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