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8th Grade Social Studies (prior version) Practice

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  • Questions 822
  • Vocabulary Terms 296
  • Performance Tasks 70
  • Instructional Videos 83

Test Standards

  1. (SS-8-GC-U-1 ) Our Early Political System
  2. (SS-8-GC-U-2) Goals of Our Government
  3. (SS-8-GC-U-3) Values of Our Government
  4. (SS-8-GC-U-4) The U.S. Constitution
  5. (SS-8-GC-U-5) Rights & Responsibilities
  1. (SS-8-CS-U-1 ) What is Culture?
  2. (SS-8-CS-U-2) Social Institutions
  3. (SS-8-CS-U-3) Interactions
  4. (SS-8-CS-U-4) Our Cultural Diversity
  1. (SS-8-E-U-1) Scarcity
  2. (SS-8-E-U-2) Developing Economic Institutions
  3. (SS-8-E-U-3) Pre-Civil War Economy
  4. (SS-8-E-U-4) Use of Resources
  1. (SS-8-G-U-1) Using Geographic Tools
  2. (SS-8-G-U-2) Changing Patterns
  3. (SS-8-G-U-3 ) Regions
  4. (SS-8-G-U-4) Humans & the Environment
  1. (SS-8-HP-U-1) Understanding Historical Events
  2. (SS-8-HP-U-2 ) Eras in History
  3. (SS-8-HP-U-3) Impact of People
  4. (SS-8-HP-U-4) Impact of Geography
  5. (SS-8-HP-U-5 ) Impact of Science

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