Louisiana Chemistry Practice

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Science as Inquiry20%
Measurement and Symbolic Representation20%
Atomic Structure20%
The Structure and Properties of Matter20%
Chemical Reactions20%
  • Questions: 2,293
  • Technology Enhanced Items: 224
  • Instructional Videos: 129
  • Vocabulary Terms: 411

Test Standards

Science as Inquiry
1. (SI-H-A1)  Testable Questions
2. (SI-H-A2)  Investigation Options
3. (SI-H-A2)  Valid Investigation
4. (SI-H-A2)  Conduct Investigations
5. (SI- H-A3)  Solve Problems
6. (SI-H-A3)  Technology
7. (SI-H-A4)  Models
8. (SI-H-A5)  Support Existing Ideas
9. (SI-H-A2)  Conclusion
10. (SI-H-A7)  Safety
11. (SI-H-B1)  Evaluate Theories
12. (SI-H-B2)  Cite Evidence
13. (SI-H-B2)  Theory Modifications
14. (SI-H-B3)  Scientific Advances
15. (SI-H-B4)  Validity
16. (SI-H-B1/4/5)  Examine Results
Measurement and Symbolic Representation
1. (PS-H-A1)  Metric Conversions
2. (PS-H-A1)  Accuracy And Precision
3. (PS-H-A1)  Significant Figures
4. (PS-H-A1)  Scientific Notation
5. (PS-H-A2)  Ionic And Covalent Compounds
6. (PS-H-A2)  Name Chemical Formula
7. (PS-H-A2)  Balanced Equations
Atomic Structure
1. (PS-H-B1)  Atomic Theory
2. (PS-H-B1)  Electron Configurations
3. (PS-H-B2)  Nuclear Emissions
4. (PS-H-B2)  Half-Life
5. (PS-H-B2)  Radioactive Isotopes
6. (PS-H-B3)  Bonds And Electrons
The Structure and Properties of Matter
1. (PS-H-C1)  Element, Compound, Or Mixture
2. (PS-H-C2)  Physical And Chemical Properties
3. (PS-H-C2)  Stable Ion
4. (PS-H-C2)  Periodic Trends
5. (PS-H-C3)  Solution Concentration
6. (PS-H-C3)  Conductivity
7. (PS-H-C3)  Concentrations
8. (PS-H-C4)  Separate Mixture
9. (PS-H- C5)  Type Of Bond
10. (PS-H-C5)  Lewis Dot Diagrams
11. (PS-H-C5)  Covalent Bonds
12. (PS-H-C6)  Organic Compounds
13. (PS-H-C6)  Biochemistry
14. (PS-H-C6)  Model Hybridization
15. (PS-H-C6)  Alcohols
16. (PS-H-C7)  Gas Laws
17. (PS-H-C7)  Specific Heat
Chemical Reactions
1. (PS-H-D1)  Chemical Reactions
2. (PS-H-D2)  Titration
3. (PS-H-D2)  PH
4. (PS-H-D3)  Equations
5. (PS-H-D3)  Predict Products
6. (PS-H-D3)  Redox
7. (PS-H-D4)  LeChatalier's Principle
8. (PS-H-D5)  Conservation Of Matter
9. (PS-H-D5)  Calculate Mass
10. (PS-H-D5)  Percent Composition
11. (PS-H-D5)  Stoichiometry
12. (PS-H-D6)  Activation Energy
13. (PS-H-D6)  Phase Changes
14. (PS-H-D6)  Energy Changes
15. (PS-H-D7)  Chemical Reactions In Biology
16. (PS-H-E1)  Intermolecular Forces
17. (PS-H-G4)  Environmental Waste