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Earth and Space Science (LASS) Practice

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  • Questions 1,453
  • Vocabulary Terms 252
  • Performance Tasks 106
  • Instructional Videos 53

Test Standards

  1. (HS-ESS1-1) Sun
  2. (HS-ESS1-3) Stars Produce Elements
  3. (HS-ESS1-4) Solar System
  4. (HS-ESS1-5) Plate Tectonics
  1. (HS-ESS2-1) Continental and Ocean Features
  2. (HS-ESS2-2) Earth's Feedback Systems
  3. (HS-ESS2-3) Thermal Convection
  4. (HS-ESS2-4) Changes in Climate
  5. (HS-ESS2-5) Water
  6. (HS-ESS2-6) Carbon Cycle
  7. (HS-ESS2-7) Earth's Systems and Life on Earth
  1. (HS-ESS1-2) Big Bang Theory
  1. (HS-ESS1-6) History of Earth
  1. (HS-ETS1-1) Global Challenges
  2. (HS-ETS1-2) Breaking Down Real-World Problems
  3. (HS-ETS1-3) Prioritized Criteria and Trade-Offs
  4. (HS-ETS1-4) Computer Simulation
  1. (HS-ESS3-1) Human Activity
  2. (HS-ESS3-2) Energy and Mineral Resources
  3. (HS-ESS3-3) Sustainability and Biodiversity
  4. (HS-ESS3-4) Human's and Natural Systems
  5. (HS-ESS3–5 ) Climate Change
  6. (HS-ESS3-6) Humans and Earth's Systems

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