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Louisiana US History LEAP 2025 Practice

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  • Questions 1,593
  • Vocabulary Terms 610
  • Performance Tasks 127
  • Instructional Videos 119

Test Standards

  1. (US.2.1) Clashes During Expansion
  2. (US.2.2) Economic Changes During Expansion
  3. (US.2.3) The Populist Movement
  4. (US.2.4) Robber Barrons & Laissez-Faire
  5. (US.2.5) Late-19th Century Immigration
  6. (US.2.6) Challenge of Immigration
  7. (US.2.7) The Labor Movement
  8. (US.2.8) The Progressive Era
  1. (US.3.1) U.S. Imperialism: Policies
  2. (US.3.2) U.S. Imperialism: Latin America & Pacific
  3. (US.3.3) World War I: Causes
  4. (US.3.4) World War I: Home Front
  5. (US.3.5) World War I: Major Events
  6. (US.3.6) World War I: Peace
  1. (US.4.1) Roaring Twenties
  2. (US.4.2) 1920s: Political & Economic Changes
  3. (US.4.3) 1920s: Technology & Society
  4. (US.4.4) The Great Depression
  5. (US.4.5) The New Deal
  6. (US.4.6) World War II: U.S. Entry
  7. (US.4.7) World War II: The Economy
  8. (US.4.8) World War II: Homefront
  9. (US.4.9) World War II: Major Events
  10. (US.4.10) World War II: Peace
  1. (US.5.1) Cold War: 1940s & 1950s
  2. (US.5.2) Cold War: 1960s & 1970s
  3. (US.5.3) Post-War Social Movements
  4. (US.5.4) The Civil Rights Movement
  5. (US.5.5) Cold War: The End
  1. (US.6.1) Post-Cold War Presidencies
  2. (US.6.2) New Technologies
  3. (US.6.3) U.S. & The Middle East
  4. (US.6.4) Domestic Events (1970s to Present)
  5. (US.6.5) Supreme Court: 1960s to Present
  6. (US.6.6) Terrorism: Domestic and Foreign

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