Learning Pathways - Diagnostic Assessments and Individualized Learning

USATestprep empowers teachers to tailor a Learning Pathway to the needs of their students - a unique strategy that integrates diagnostic assessments, individualized learning, and classroom support.

Here's how teachers, instructional coaches, and administrators create customized Learning Pathways with USATestprep for their classrooms and students:

Test Preparation

Sally T. uses unit-based assessments to diagnose the strengths and weaknesses of her class. Then, one month before the test, she uses USATestprep exclusively as her pre-test review tool. Additionally, students use the program on their own time throughout the semester. Sometimes, Sally assigns an assessment as a bonus assignment or for extra credit.


John W. is a testing coordinator who works with a group of students who are in danger of failing the next scheduled test. John uses USATestprep to create and assign specific remediation for each student. He works with students as a pullout class, an afterschool group, and with special needs students.

Classroom Resource

Betsy M. uses USATestprep as a full-featured classroom resource that includes homework, tests, and games for curriculum mastery. She evaluates student strengths and weaknesses using the Progress Report, and she engages the class with projector resources and games through the school year.


Department Head Tonya S. uses USATestprep to create departmental assessments to help support teachers, students, and parents. She also uses the reports throughout the year to monitor class and school performance.