Maryland Mathematics Grade 7 MSA Practice

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Knowledge of Algebra, Patterns, and Functions15%
Knowledge of Geometry15%
Knowledge of Measurement14%
Knowledge of Statistics14%
Knowledge of Probability14%
Knowledge of Number Relationships and Computation/Arithmetic14%
Processes of Mathematics14%
  • Questions: 2,140
  • Two-Part Items: 28
  • Vocabulary Terms: 195
  • Performance Tasks: 158
  • Instructional Videos: 95

Test Standards

Knowledge of Algebra, Patterns, and Functions
1. (A.1.a)  Function Table
2. (A.1.b)  Geometric Sequence
3. (A.1.c)  Variable Change
4. (B.1.a)  Write Expression
5. (B.1.b)  Evaluate Expression
6. (B.1.c)  Order Of Operations
7. (B.1.d)  Models
8. (B.2.a)  Write Equations And Inequalities
9. (B.2.b)  Determine Unknown
10. (B.2.c)  One-step Inequality
11. (B.2.d)  Graph Solutions
12. (B.2.e)  Formulas
13. (C.1.a)  Rationals On Number Line
14. (C.1.b)  Ordered Pairs
15. (C.1.c)  Linear Equations
16. (C.2.a)  Change In Tables
17. (C.2.b)  Change In Tables/graphs
Knowledge of Geometry
1. (A.1.a)  Angles
2. (A.1.b)  Transversals
3. (A.1.c)  Right Triangles
4. (A.2.a)  Interior Angles
5. (A.2.b)  Angle Measures
6. (A.2.c)  Legs And Hypotenuse
7. (C.1.a)  Construct A Circle
8. (C.1.b)  Construct A Segment
9. (C.1.c)  Perpendicular Bisector
10. (D.1.a)  Congruent Polygons
11. (D.1.b)  Similar Polygons
12. (E.1.a)  Transformations
13. (E.1.b)  Symmetry
Knowledge of Measurement
1. (C.1.a)  Area Quadrilaterals
2. (C.1.b)  Surface Area
3. (C.1.c)  Estimate Pi
4. (C.1.d)  Volume
5. (C.2.a)  Missing Dimension
6. (C.2.b)  Distance
Knowledge of Statistics
1. (A.1.a)  Back-to-back
2. (A.1.b)  Circle Graphs
3. (B.1.a)  Faulty Interpretation
4. (B.1.b)  Choose Display
5. (B.1.c)  Misleading Representation
6. (B.2.a)  Central Tendency
Knowledge of Probability
1. (A.1.a)  Sample Space
2. (B.1.a)  Probability
3. (C.1.a)  Predictions
4. (C.3)  Compare Outcomes
Knowledge of Number Relationships and Computation/Arithmetic
1. (A.1.a)  Whole Numbers
2. (A.1.b)  Decimals- Expanded Form
3. (A.1.c)  Equivalent Rationals
4. (A.1.d)  Compare, Order Rationals
5. (A.1.e)  Scientific Notation
6. (C.1.a)  Integer Operations
7. (C.1.bc)  Add/subtract Fractions
8. (C.1.d)  Powers And Roots
9. (C.1.e)  Laws Of Exponents
10. (C.1.f)  Simplify Expressions
11. (C.1.g)  Percent Of A Number
12. (C.2.a)  Approximations
13. (C.3.a)  Equivalent Ratios
14. (C.3.b)  Use Rates, Percents
15. (C.3.c)  Rates
Processes of Mathematics
1. (A.1.ab)  Problem: Identify Information
2. (A.1.cde)  Plan And Solve
3. (A.1.fgh)  Alternative, Multiple, Extend
4. (B.1.ab)  Reasoning
5. (  Support, Refute, Proof
6. (C.1.a)  Multiple Representations