Maryland Science Grade 8 MSA Practice

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Skills and Process20%
Earth/Space Science15%
Life Science10%
Environmental Science15%
  • Questions: 1,240
  • Technology Enhanced Items: 186
  • Instructional Videos: 76
  • Vocabulary Terms: 294

Test Standards

Skills and Process
1. (1.A.1.a.)  Scientists And Work
2. (1.A.1.c.)  Hyptheses
3. (1.A.1.e.)  Experimentation And Variables
4. (1.A.1.g.)  Repetition And Experimentation
5. (1.A.1.h.)  Math And Data
6. (1.B.1.a.)  Scientific Method
7. (1.B.1.b.)  Objectivity
8. (1.B.1.d.)  Drawing Conclusions
9. (1.B.1.e.)  Fraudulent Claims
10. (1.C.1.a.)  Organize Tables And Graphs
11. (1.C.1.b)  Interpret Tables And Graphs
12. (1.C.1.d.)  Validity Of Reasoning
13. (1.C.1.e.)  Models
Earth/Space Science
1. (2.B.1.a.)  Sedimentary Rock - Formation
2. (2.B.1.b.)  Sedimentary Rock - Earth's History
3. (2.B.2.b.)  Life Forms And Fossil Record
4. (2.D.2.a.)  Planet, Revolution, Year
5. (2.D.2.b.)  Solar Day
6. (2.D.2.c.)  Phases Of The Moon
7. (2.D.3.b.)  Earth And Its Axis
8. (2.E.1.b.)  Water Cycle
9. (2.E.1.c.)  Geography And Weather
10. (2.E.3.a.)  Predict Weather Patterns
11. (2.E.3.b.)  Severe Weather Conditions
Life Science
1. (3.D.1.a.)  Environmental Conditions And Populations
2. (3.D.1.b.)  Adaptations And Survival
1. (4.A.1.a.)  Elements Form Compounds
2. (4.A.1.b.)  Properties Change
3. (4.A.1.c.)  Elements & Compounds - Properties
4. (4.B.1.a.)  Density
5. (4.B.1.c.)  Conservation Of Mass
6. (4.C.1.b.)  Temperature And Molecular Motion
7. (4.D.2.a.)  Chemical Properties
8. (4.D.2.b.)  PH
9. (4.D.3.a.)  Evidence Of A Chemical Reaction
10. (4.D.3.e.)  Physical Vs Chemical Change
1. (5.A.1.a.)  Motion Of Objects In Solar System
2. (5.A.1.c.)  Compare Motions
3. (5.A.2.a.)  Force And Motion
4. (5.A.2.b.)  Motion And Unbalanced Forces
5. (5.A.2.c.)  Force, Mass And Motion
6. (5.A.4.a.)  Potential And Kinetic Energy
7. (5.B.1.a.)  Conduction, Convection And Heat Transfer
8. (5.B.1.b.)  Radiation And Heat Energy
9. (5.B.2.A.)  Energy Transformations
Environmental Science
1. (6.B.1.a.)  Natural Processes Change The Environment
2. (6.B.1.b.)  Human Activities And Environmental Changes