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Test Standards

  1. (D1a) Light Years
  2. (D1b) Gravity and Space
  3. (D1c) Formation of Universe
  4. (D1d) Understanding of the Universe
  5. (D2a) Effect on Surface
  6. (D2b) Earth's Energy Source
  7. (D2c) Earth Systems
  8. (D2d) Human Influence
  9. (D3a) Structure of Atoms
  10. (D3b) Molecule Properties
  11. (D3c) Carbon and Water
  12. (D3d) Light and Energy Levels
  13. (D3e-f) Rate of Chemical Reactions
  14. (D3g) Nuclear Reactions
  15. (D3h) Decay and Half-life
  16. (D3i) Kinetic and Potential Energy
  17. (D3j-k) Conservation of Energy
  18. (D3l) Actions of Atoms
  19. (D4a) Newton's Laws
  20. (D4b) Relative Motion
  21. (D4c) Electric and Magnetic Fields
  22. (D4d) Waves
  23. (D4e) Waves Interact
  24. (D4f) Energy Problems
  1. (E1a) Adaptations and Survival
  2. (E1b) Organism Relationships
  3. (E1c) Organism Relatedness
  4. (E1d) Biodiversity
  5. (E2a) Stable Ecosystems
  6. (E2b) Cyclic Fluctuations
  7. (E2c) Carrying Capacity
  8. (E2d) Photosynthesis
  9. (E3a) Organelles
  10. (E3b) DNA and Proteins
  11. (E3c) Mitosis and Meiosis
  12. (E3d and E4d) Mutations
  13. (E3e) Homeostasis
  14. (E3f) Biomolecules
  15. (E4a) Sexual Reproduction
  16. (E4b, E4c, and E3g) Differentiation
  17. (E5a) Biological Evolution
  18. (E5b an E5c) Natural Selection
  19. (E5d) Adaptations and Survival

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