Chemistry (Content Expectations) Practice

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Inquiry, Reflection, and Social Implications20%
Forms of Energy 20%
Energy Transfer and Conservation20%
Properties of Matter20%
Changes in Matter20%
  • Questions: 1,303
  • Technology Enhanced Items: 120
  • Instructional Videos: 60
  • Vocabulary Terms: 249

Test Standards

Inquiry, Reflection, and Social Implications
1. (C1.1A)  Generate New Questions
2. (C1.1B)  Evaluate Uncertainties
3. (C1.1C)  Conduct Scientific Investigations
4. (C1.1D)  Identify Patterns
5. (C1.1E)  Given Conclusion
6. (C1.2A)  Questions Answered
7. (C1.2B)  Identify & Critique Arguments
8. (C1.2C)  Scientific Concept Understanding
9. (C1.2D)  Scientific Accuracy
10. (C1.2D)  Evaluate Scientific Explanations
11. (C1.2E)  Science Field Careers
Forms of Energy
1. (C2.2A)  Describe Conduction
2. (C2.2B)  Various States Of Matter
Energy Transfer and Conservation
1. (C3.3A)  Heat Is Conducted
2. (C3.3B)  Describe Melting
3. (C3.4A)  Endothermic & Exothermic
4. (C3.4B)  Chemical Reactions
Properties of Matter
1. (C4.2A)  Simple Binary Compounds
2. (C4.2B)  Write Formula
3. (C4.3A)  Room Temperature Solids
4. (C4.3B)  Ordered, Regular Arrangement
5. (C4.8A )  Location, Mass, & Charge
6. (C4.8B)  Describe Atom
7. (C4.8C)  Protons Repel
8. (C4.8D)  Give Electron Number
9. (C4.9A)  Identify Elements
10. (C4.10A)  List Proton Number
11. (C4.10B)  Recognize Proton Number
Changes in Matter
1. (C5.2A)  Balance Chemical Equations
2. (C5.2B)  Distinguish Chemical & Physical Changes
3. (C5.2C)  Draw Pictures
4. (C5.4A)  Compare Energy
5. (C5.4B)  Interpret Graph
6. (C5.5A)  Predict Bonding
7. (C5.4B)  Predict Formula
8. (C5.7A)  Recognize Formulas
9. (C5.7B)  Predict Products
10. (C5.7C)  Describe Tests
11. (C5.7D)  Classify Solutions
12. (C5.7E)  Explain Adverse Effects
13. (C5.8A)  Draw Structural Formulas
14. (C5.8B)  Draw Isomers
15. (C5.8C)  Recognize Polymer