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8th Grade Integrated United States History (MAS) Practice

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  • Questions 1,122
  • Vocabulary Terms 310
  • Performance Tasks 131
  • Instructional Videos 90

Test Standards

  1. (F1.1) Pre-Independence America
  2. (F1.2 ) The Declaration of Independence
  3. (F1.3 ) The Effects of the American Revolution
  1. (8-U3.3.1&3.2) Articles of Confederation
  2. (8-U3.3.3) The Constitutional Convention
  3. (8-U3.3.4) Constitutional Compromises
  4. (8-U3.3.5 ) Ratifying the Constitution
  5. (8-U3.3.6 ) The Bill of Rights
  6. (8-U3.3.7) Foundational Documents
  1. (8-U4.1.1) Washington’s Farewell
  2. (8-U4.1.2) Establishing America’s Place in the World
  3. (8-U4.1.3) Challenge of Political Conflict
  4. (8-U4.1.4) Establishing a National Judiciary and Its Power
  5. (8-U4.2.1) Comparing Northeast & the South
  6. (8-U4.2.2) The Institution of Slavery
  7. (8-U4.2.3&2.4) Westward Expansion & Its Consequences
  8. (8-U4.3.1 ) America's Education System
  9. (8-U4.3.2) The Abolitionist Movement
  10. (8-U4.3.3) Antebellum Women's Movement
  11. (8-U4.3.4) Antebellum Temperance Movement
  12. (8-U4.3.5) Religion & Antebellum Movements
  1. (8-U5.1.1) Free vs. Slave
  2. (8-U5.1.2) The Northwest Ordinance
  3. (8-U5.1.3) States' Rights
  4. (8-U5.1.4) Sectional Tension
  5. (8-U5.1.5 ) Resistance to Slavery
  6. (8-U5.1.6) The Civil War & the Constitutional Convention
  7. (8-U5.2.1 ) Secession
  8. (8-U5.2.2) Union Victory
  9. (8-U5.2.3) Lincoln's Presidency
  10. (8-U5.2.4 ) African Americans in the Civil War
  11. (8-U5.2.5) Civil War: The Home Front
  12. (8-U5.3.1 ) Reconstruction
  13. (8-U5.3.2) Responses to the War's End
  14. (8-U5.3.3) Resistance to Reconstruction
  15. (8-U5.3.4) The Civil War Amendments
  16. (8-U5.3.5) Ending Reconstruction
  1. (8-U6.1.1 ) America at Century's End

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