Grade 4 Science Practice

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Matter and Energy15%
Force and Motion15%
Earth's Systems15%
Scientific Inquiry24%
Science, Technology, and Human Activity16%
  • Questions: 1,928
  • Technology Enhanced Items: 144
  • Instructional Videos: 69
  • Vocabulary Terms: 257

Test Standards

Matter and Energy
1. (1.A.a.)  Comparing Masses
2. (1.A.b.)  Liquid Volumes
3. (1.A.c.)  Occupying Space
4. (1.A.d.)  Classifying Matter
5. (1.B.a. )  Water And Dissolving
6. (1.B.b.)  Mixtures
7. (1.B.c.)  Parts Of A Mixture
8. (1.B.d.)  Separating Mixtures
9. (1.I.a.)  Mass Remains Constant
10. (2.A.a.)  Electric Circuit
11. (2.A.b.)  Energy Transfer In A Circuit
12. (2.A.c.)  Conductors And Insulators
13. (2.F.a.)  Evidence Of Energy Transformation In A Circuit
Force and Motion
1. (1.A.a.)  Types Of Motion
2. (1.A.b.)  Describe Motion
3. (2.A.a.)  Forces And Motion In A Straight Line
4. (2.A.b.)  Describe And Compare Forces
5. (2.A.c.)  Friction As A Force That Opposes Motion
6. (2.A.d.)  Overcoming Friction
7. (2.B.a.)  Gravity And Weight
8. (2.D.a.)  Motion And Balanced Forces
9. (2.D.b.)  Unbalanced Forces And Motion
10. (2.D.c.)  Force And Change In Motion
11. (2.D.d.)  Electrostatic Force
1. (1.A.a.)  Organism Interactions
2. (1.A.b.)  Different Environments Support Life
3. (1.D.a.)  Human AActivities And The Environment
4. (2.A.a.)  Producers And Consumers
5. (2.A.b.)  Types Of Consumers
6. (2.A.c.)  Predator-Prey
7. (3.A.a.)  Missouri Fossils And Past Life
8. (3.C.a.)  Plant Adaptations
9. (3.C.b.)  Animal Adaptations And Survival
10. (3.C.c.)  Response To Stimuli
11. (3.C.d.)  Survival In A Specific Environment
Earth's Systems
1. (1.A.a.)  Soil And Its Properties
2. (1.A.b.)  Physical Properties Of Rocks
3. (2.A.b.)  Landforms/Bodies Of Water
4. (2.A.c.)  Agents Of Weathering
5. (2.A.d.)  Erosion Changes Earth
6. (2.A.e.)  Formation Processes Of Landform/water Body
7. (3.A.a.)  Humans Affect Erosion And Deposition
8. (3.A.b..)  Solve Environmental Problems
Scientific Inquiry
1. (1.A.a.)  Formulate Questions And Hypotheses
2. (1.A.b.)  Fair And Unbiased Test
3. (1.A.c.)  Conduct A Fair Test
4. (1.B.a. )  Qualitative Observations
5. (1.B.b.)  Using Tools And Equipment
6. (1.B.c.)  Measurement And Units Of Measure
7. (1.B.d.)  Compare Amounts/measurements
8. (1.B.e.)  Reasonable Measurements
9. (1.C.a.)  Support For Reasonable Explanations
10. (1.C.b.)  Make Predictions To Be Tested
11. (1.C.c.)  Reasonable Explanation
12. (1.C.d.)  Evidence Based Explanations
13. (1.D.a.)  Communicate Procedures And Results
Science, Technology, and Human Activity
1. (1.B.a. )  Technology Helps Scientists