Missouri 6th Grade Math (2017-18 MLS) Practice

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Ratios and Proportional Relationships17%
Number Sense and Operations26%
Expressions, Equations and Inequalities29%
Geometry and Measurement15%
Data Analysis, Statistics and Probability13%
  • Questions: 2,401
  • Technology Enhanced Items: 194
  • Instructional Videos: 81
  • Vocabulary Terms: 206

Test Standards

Ratios and Proportional Relationships
1. (6.RP.A.1)  Ratio
2. (6.RP.A.2)  Unit Rate
3. (6.RP.A.3a)  Equivalent Ratios
4. (6.RP.A.3b)  Unit Pricing
5. (6.RP.A.3c)  Percent Problems
6. (6.RP.A.3d)  Convert Units
Number Sense and Operations
1. (6.NS.A.1a)  Quotients
2. (6.NS.B.1)  Divide
3. (6.NS.B.2)  Decimals
4. (6.NS.B.3)  GCF And LCM
5. (6.NS.C.1)  Positive And Negative
6. (6.NS.C.2ab)  Order Rationals
7. (6.NS.C.2c)  Opposite Numbers
8. (6.NS.C.3)  Absolute Value
9. (6.NS.C.4)  Fractions, Percents, Decimals
Expressions, Equations and Inequalities
1. (6.EEI.A.1)  Expressions And Equations
2. (6.EEI.A.2a)  Parts Of An Expression
3. (6.EEI.A.2b)  Evaluate Expressions
4. (6.EEI.A.2c)  Rational Expressions
5. (6.EEI.2de)  Write And Evaluate
6. (6.EEI.3)  Identify Equivalent
7. (6.EEI.B.1)  Substitution
8. (6.EEI.B.2)  Solution Sets
9. (6.EEI.B.3)  Write And Solve
10. (6.EEI.B.4)  Solve One-step
11. (6.EEI.B.5)  Inequalities
12. (6.EEI.C.1)  Variable Relationships
Geometry and Measurement
1. (6.GM.A.1)  Areas
2. (6.GM.A.2)  Volumes
3. (6.GM.A.3ab)  Coordinate Plane
4. (6.GM.A.3c)  Distances
5. (6.GM.A.3d)  Construct Polygons
6. (6.GM.A.4)  Nets
Data Analysis, Statistics and Probability
1. (6.DSP.A.1)  Statistical Questions
2. (6.DSP.A.2)  Data Distribution
3. (6.DSP.A.3)  Measure Of Center
4. (6.DSP.B.1)  Display Data
5. (6.DSP.B.2a)  Observations
6. (6.DSP.B.2b)  Nature Of Attribute
7. (6.DSP.B.2c)  Center And Variability
8. (6.DSP.B.2d)  Measures And Shape