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4th Grade Math MAP Practice

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  • Questions 2,226
  • Vocabulary Terms 123
  • Performance Tasks 90
  • Instructional Videos 58

Test Standards

  1. (4.NBT.A.2) Read, write, identify
  2. (4.NBT.A.1) Round to any place
  3. (4.NBT.A.3) Compare numbers
  4. (4.NBT.A.4) Place value pattern
  5. (4.NBT.A.5) Add and subtract
  6. (4.NBT.A.6) Multiply
  7. (4.NBT.A.7) Quotients and remainders
  1. (4.NF.A.2) Equivalent fractions
  2. (4.NF.A.1) Explain equivalence
  3. (4.NF.A.3) Compare fractions
  4. (4.NF.B.1) Understand fraction addition/subtraction
  5. (4.NF.B.2) Decompose a fraction
  6. (4.NF.B.3) Fraction problems
  7. (4.NF.B.4) Multiply fraction/whole
  8. (4.NF.B.5) Solve problems
  9. (4.NF.C.2) Fractions and decimals
  10. (4.NF.C.3) Read, write decimals
  11. (4.NF.C.1) Decimal fractions
  12. (4.NF.C.4) Compare decimals
  1. (4.RA.A.1) Multiplicative comparison
  2. (4.RA.A.3) Division problems
  3. (4.RA.A.2) Solve multistep problems
  4. (4.RA.B.2) Prime and composite
  5. (4.RA.B.1) Factors and multiples
  6. (4.RA.C.1) Generate a pattern
  7. (4.RA.C.2) Express a pattern
  1. (4.GM.A.1) Draw objects
  2. (4.GM.A.2) Classify figures
  3. (4.GM.A.3) Lines of symmetry
  4. (4.GM.B.1) Angle measure
  5. (4.GM.B.2) Draw/measure angles
  6. (4.GM.C.1) Convert
  7. (4.GM.C.2) Solve problems
  8. (4.GM.C.3) Area and perimeter
  1. (4.DS.A.1) Frequency table, line plot
  2. (4.DS.A.2) Use information
  3. (4.DS.A.3) Analyze data

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