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MAP 5th Grade ELA Practice

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  • Questions 3,674
  • Vocabulary Terms 230
  • Performance Tasks 240
  • Instructional Videos 70

Test Standards

  1. (5.R.1.A) Draw conclusions
  2. (5.R.1.B.ab) Vocabulary
  3. (5.R.1.B.cd) Analogies and idioms
  4. (5.R.1.B.ef) Word meanings
  5. (5.R.1.C) Connections
  6. (5.R.2.A.a) Roles of characters
  7. (5.R.2.A.b) Theme or lesson
  8. (5.R.2.A.d) Point of view
  9. (5.R.2.A.f) Foreshadowing
  10. (5.R.2.A.gh) Historical events, origin myths
  11. (5.R.1.A.i) Third person forms
  12. (5.R.2.B.ab) Poetry
  13. (5.R.2.C) Dramatic literature
  14. (5.R.3.A.a) Gain overview
  15. (5.R.3.A.b) Procedural text
  16. (5.R.3.A.c) Information
  17. (5.R.3.B.a) Purpose achieved?
  18. (5.R.3.B.b) Multiple accounts
  19. (5.R.3.B.cd) Facts and arguments
  20. (5.R.3.B.e) Exaggeration, etc.
  21. (5.R.3.B.fg) Evidence and logic
  22. (5.R.3.C.b) Biographical devices
  23. (5.R.3.C.c) Stated vs implied purpose
  24. (5.R.3.C.d) Organization
  25. (5.R.3.C.e) Multiple accounts
  26. (5.R.3.C.g) Integrate information
  27. (5.R.4.A.abc) Media
  28. (5.R.4.A.de) Digital media
  1. (5.W.1.A) Prewriting
  2. (5.W.1.B) Develop a draft
  3. (5.W.1.C) Plan, revise, edit
  4. (5.W.2.A.a) Introduce topic
  5. (5.W.2.A.b) Provide reasons
  6. (5.W.2.A.c) Accurate words
  7. (5.W.2.A.de) Sources
  8. (5.W.2.A.fg) Transition and structure
  9. (5.W.2.B.a) Introduce topic
  10. (5.W.2.B.b) Develop the topic
  11. (5.W.2.B.cd) Format and language
  12. (5.W.2.B.ef) Language and transitions
  13. (5.W.2.B.gh) Concluding paragraph
  14. (5.W.2.C.a) Establish and organize
  15. (5.W.2.C.b) Dialogue and descriptions
  16. (5.W.2.A.cde) Setting, sequence, transitions
  17. (5.W.3.A.ab) Research topic
  18. (5.W.3.A.ce) Sources
  19. (5.W.3.A.gh) Assess and convert
  20. (5.W.3.i) Plagiarism
  21. (5.W.3.A.kn) Present and document
  1. (5.L.1.A.a) Parts of speech
  2. (5.L.1.A.b) Pronouns and adverbs
  3. (5.L.1.A.c) Pronouns
  4. (5.L.1.A.d) Verb tense
  5. (5.L.1.A.f) Produce sentences
  6. (5.L.1.B.bcd) Commas
  7. (5.L.1.B.ef) Italics and underlining
  8. (5.L.1.B.gij) Quotation marks, apostrophes

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