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5th Grade Science (MLS) Practice

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  • Questions 1,133
  • Vocabulary Terms 194
  • Performance Tasks 84
  • Instructional Videos 41

Test Standards

  1. (5.PS1.A.1) Matter
  2. (5.PS1.A.2) Conservation of Matter
  3. (5.PS1.B.1) Physical Properties
  4. (5.PS1.B.2) Chemical or Physical Change
  1. (5.PS2.B.1) Gravitational Force
  1. (5.PS3.D.1) Food Energy
  1. (5.PS4.B.1) Objects Can Be Seen
  1. (5.LS1.A.1) Organs and Organ Systems
  2. (5.LS1.C.1) Plant Growth
  1. (5.LS2.B.1) Movement of Matter
  1. (5.ESS1.A.1) Relative Distances
  2. (5.ESS1.B.1) Seasons
  3. (5.ESS1.B.2) Daily Changes
  1. (5.ESS2.A.1) Geosphere, Hydrosphere, and Biosphere
  2. (5.ESS2.C.1) Distribution of Water
  1. (5.ESS3.C.1) Protect Earth's Resources
  1. (5.ETS1.A.1) Need or Want
  2. (5.ETS1.B.1) Multiple Solutions
  3. (5.ETS1.C.1) Fair Tests

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