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5th Grade Social Studies (MLS) Practice

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  • Questions 1,465
  • Vocabulary Terms 418
  • Performance Tasks 142
  • Instructional Videos 155

Test Standards

  1. (5.PC.1.A) Declaration of Independence
  2. (5.PC.1.B) The U.S. Constitution
  3. (5.PC.1.C) The Bill of Rights
  4. (5.PC.1.D) Voicing Opinions
  5. (5.PC.1.E) Character Traits
  6. (5.PC.1.F) National Symbols
  1. (5.GS.2.A) Roles of the Government
  2. (5.GS.2.B) Resolving Disputes
  3. (5.GS.2.C) Making Decisions
  4. (5.GS.2.D) Functions of Government
  1. (5.H.3.A.a&b) Expansion of the U.S.
  2. (5.H.3.B) Cultural Interactions
  3. (5.H.3.C) Historic Individuals
  4. (5.H.3.E) Major Political Developments
  5. (5.H.3.F) Westward Settlement
  6. (5.H.3.G) Civil War & Reconstruction
  7. (5.H.3.H) The Great Depression
  8. (5.H.3.I.a) The World Wars
  9. (5.H.3.I.b) The Cold War
  1. (5.E.4.A) Basic Economic Concepts
  2. (5.E.4.D.a) Economic Influences
  3. (5.E.4.D.b) Impact of Immigration
  1. (5.EG.5.A.a&b) Using Maps
  2. (5.EG.5.B.a&b) Locating Places
  3. (5.EG.5.C.a&b) Concept of Place
  4. (5.EG.5.D) Impact of the Physical Environment
  5. (5.EG.5.E) Communication & Transportation
  6. (5.EG.5.F) Regional Relationships
  7. (5.EG.5.G.a&b) Using Geography
  1. (5.RI.6.A.a&b) Cultural Characteristics
  2. (5.RI.6.B) Resolving Conflicts
  3. (5.RI.6.C) Stories & Songs
  4. (5.RI.6.D) Cultural Life
  5. (5.RI.6.E) Cultural Roles

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