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Missouri Algebra I EOC Practice and Test Review

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Test Standards

  1. (A1.SSE.A.1) Interpret meanings
  2. (A1.SSE.A.2) Rewrite expressions
  3. (A1.SSE.A.3.a) Factor quadratics
  4. (A1.SSE.A.3.b) Find min/max value
  1. (A1.APR.A.1) Polynomial arithmetic
  2. (A1.APR.A.2) Divide by monomials
  1. (A1.CED.A.1) Equations and inequalities
  2. (A1.CED.A.2) Create & graph equations
  3. (A1.CED.A.3) Constraints and systems
  4. (A1.CED.A.4) Literal equations
  1. (A1.REI.A.1) Explain steps in solving
  2. (A1.REI.A.2) Quadratic equations
  3. (A1.REI.B.3) Linear combinations
  4. (A1.REI.B.1) Solve systems
  5. (A1.REI.B.2) Nonlinear system
  6. (A1.REI.C.1) Graph of an equation
  7. (A1.REI.C.2) Linear inequality
  8. (A1.REI.C.3) Systems problems
  1. (A1.IF.A.1) Function definition
  2. (A1.IF.A.2) Function notation
  3. (A1.IF.B.1) Key characteristics
  4. (A1.IF.B.2) Domain and range
  5. (A1.IF.B.3) Rate of change
  6. (A1.IF.B.4) Function parameters
  7. (A1.IF.C.1) Graph functions
  8. (A1.IF.C.2) Show zeros, extreme values, & symmetry
  9. (A1.IF.C.3) Compare properties
  1. (A1.BF.A.1) Translations and scale changes
  1. (A1.LQE.A.1) Linear vs. exponential
  2. (A1.LQE.A.2) Exponential increase
  3. (A1.LQE.A.3) Construct functions
  4. (A1.LQE.B.1) Write sequences
  5. (A1.LQE.B.2) Sequences are functions
  6. (A1.LQE.B.3) Find terms
  1. (A1.NQ.A.1) Rational exponents
  2. (A1.NQ.A.2) Radicals and rational exponents
  3. (A1.NQ.B.1) Use units
  4. (A1.NQ.B.2) Define quantities
  5. (A1.NQ.B.3) Accuracy
  1. (A1.DS.A.1) Displays
  2. (A1.DS.A.2) Compare center & spread
  3. (A1.DS.A.3) Interpret differences
  4. (A1.DS.A.4) Two-way tables
  5. (A1.DS.A.5) Fit functions
  6. (A1.DS.A.6) Slope & intercept
  7. (A1.DS.A.7) Correlation coefficient
  8. (A1.DS.A.8) Correlation & causation

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