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American History EOC (MLS) Practice

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  • Questions 2,280
  • Vocabulary Terms 391
  • Performance Tasks 149
  • Instructional Videos 144

Test Standards

  1. (T2S1A,T2S2A,T2S2B,T2S4A) Reconstruction
  2. (T2S1B,T2S3A,T2S3B,T2S5B) Expansion
  3. (T2S4B,T2S4C,T2S4D,T2S5D) Industrialization
  4. (T2S1C,T2S2C,T2S5A,T2S5C, T2S5E) Gilded Age
  1. (T3S2A,T3S2B,T3S4C,T3S5A) The Progressives
  2. (T3S1A,T3S3A,T3S4B) Imperialism
  3. (T3S1B,T3S1C,T3S1D,T3S4A, T3S5D) World War I
  4. (T3S2C,T3S5B,T3S5C) The Roaring '20s
  1. (T4S1A) The Great Depression: Causes
  2. (T4S2A,T4S4B) The Great Depression: Effects
  3. (T4S2B,T4S2C,T4S3A, T4S4A) The New Deal
  4. (T4S1D,T4S1B) World War II: Causes
  5. (T4S1C,T4S3B) World War II: Fighting
  6. (T4S1E,T4S5B,T4S5C) World War II: The Home Front
  7. (T4S5A,T4S5D) Culture of 1930s & 1940s
  1. (T5S1A,T5S1B,T5S1C,T5S2A,T5S3B,T5S5A) The Cold War
  2. (T5S1D,T5S2C,T5S4C,T5S5C) Civil Rights
  3. (T5S2B,T5S3A,T5S4A,T5S4B,T5S5D,T5S5B) Domestic Issues
  1. (T6S1A,T6S2A) End of the Cold War
  2. (T6S2B,T6S2C,T6S5A,T6S5C) Domestic Issues
  3. (T6S1D,T6S3B,T6S3A,T6S4A,T6S5B) Economics & Technology
  4. (T6S1B,T6S1C) 21st Century Conflicts

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