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Government EOC (MLS) Practice

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  • Questions 2,922
  • Vocabulary Terms 268
  • Performance Tasks 84
  • Instructional Videos 96

Test Standards

  1. (9-12.GV.2.CC.A, 9-12.GV.2.G.A) Foundations
  2. (9-12.GV.2.CC.B,9-12.GV.2.GS.B) The Declaration of Independence
  3. (9-12.GV.2.GS.C,GV.2.CC.C,GV.2.PC.A) The Constitutional Convention
  4. (9-12.GV.2.CC.D,GV.2.GS.A,GV.2.CC.C) Types of Governments
  1. (9-12.GV.3.CC.A,GV.3.CC.B,GV.3.GS.B,GV.3.PC.A) Ratifying the Constitution
  2. (9-12.GV.3.CC.C,GV.3.GS.C) The Three Branches
  3. (9-12.GV.3.CC.D,GV.3.GS.A,GV.3.GS.F) Federalism
  4. (9-12.GV.3.GS.D) Checks & Balances
  5. (9-12.GV.3.GS.E) Bill of Rights
  6. (9-12.GV.3.PC.B) Impact of Government
  7. (9-12.GV.3.EC.A) The Articles & the Economy
  8. (9-12.GV.3.EC.B) The Government's Economic Role
  1. (9-12.GV.4.GS.A,GV.4.PC.A,GV.4.PC.B) Political Parties & Public Opinion
  2. (9-12.GV.4.GS.B) Civic Responsibilities
  3. (9-12.GV.4.GS.C,GV.4.G.A) Voting & Elections
  4. (9-12.GV.4.PC.C) Institutional Failure
  5. (9-12.GV.4.CC.A,GV.4.CC.B) The Relationship Between the Branches
  6. (9-12.GV.4.CC.C) Solving Problems
  7. (9-12.GV.4.EC.A) Taxation & the Public Good

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