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Principles of Constitutional Democracy 25%
Principles & Processes 21%
Missouri, United States and World History 54%
  • Questions 2,055
  • Vocabulary Terms 280
  • Performance Tasks 58
  • Instructional Videos 87

Test Standards

Principles of Constitutional Democracy
1. (1.A)  Constitutional democracy
2. (1.B)  Civic responsibilities
3. (1.C)  Government's changing roles
4. (1.D)  Historical foundations
5. (1.E)  Democracies and republics
6. (1.B)  Impact of Constitutional principles
Principles & Processes
1. (2.A.a.1)  Principles and Purposes of Government
2. (2.A.b.2)  Principles of Government
3. (2.B)  Comparing Government Systems
4. (2.C.a)  Process of Government Systems
5. (2.C.b.2)  Parties and Special Interests
Missouri, United States and World History
1. (3A.I)  American democracy
2. (3A.K)  Government principles since 1877
3. (3A.L)  Changing roles of democratic principles
4. (3B.K)  Effects of Enlightenment
5. (4.H)  People, business, and government
6. (4.K)  Government in market economy
7. (6.L)  Social class and society
8. (6.M)  Social institutions
9. (6.N)  Individual/Institutional responsibilities
10. (6.O)  Cultural conflicts
11. (7.A)  Primary and secondary sources
12. (7.C)  Fact and opinion
13. (7.F)  Interpreting sources