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Personal Finance (MLS) Practice

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  • Questions 557
  • Vocabulary Terms 154
  • Performance Tasks 34
  • Instructional Videos 37

Test Standards

  1. (1.1.A&B) Unlimited Wants and Limited Resources
  2. (1.2.A-C) Choice and Decision Making
  1. (2.1.A-E) Career Choices and Consequences
  2. (2.2.A-C) Forms of Compensation
  3. (2.3.A-C) Taxes and Other Deductions
  1. (3.1.A-E) Creating a Budget
  2. (3.2.A-E) Purchasing Items of High Value
  3. (3.3.A&B) Considering Alternative Goods and Services
  4. (3.4.A-D) Selecting Financial Institutions
  1. (4.1.A-D) Reasons for Saving
  2. (4.2.A-C) Interest on Savings
  3. (4.3.A&B) Saving Instruments
  1. (5.1.A-E) Facets of Credit
  2. (5.2.A-D) Interest on Credit
  3. (5.3.A-H) Credit Worthiness
  1. (6.1.A-E) Protecting Against Financial Risk by Insuring
  2. (6.2.A-C) Protecting Personal Identity
  1. (7.1.A-C) Investment Instruments
  2. (7.2.A-E) Relationship between Risk and Reward

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